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  • Agents 28/08/08 4 2 What should my agent be doing? When should I change agents?
    Which agent would be best for me? Whose books are open?
  • Auditioning 27/04/17 19 3 Audition pieces, resources, ideas and nightmare stories.
  • General Chat 21/01/14 11 6 Whatever you want to talk about
  • Hey that's me! 27/04/17 10 6 Performing this week, or about to be broadcast, share with the class!
  • Industry News 07/03/12 2 2 Breaking news affecting members of Casting Call Pro
  • Rants & Raves 19/09/08 2 1 For when the industry's really driving you mad.
  • Temporary Work 27/04/17 1 1 Finding the cash to fill the gaps.