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Carl Wharton

Carl Wharton


Age Range
42 - 52
6' 0" (1m 83cm)
11st. 14lb. (76kg)
Hair Colour
Eye Colour


Year Role / Type Name of Production / Director Company / Venue
2017 - 2018 Dad
Luke Quine / Jordi Tames
Juke Media
2017 - 2018 Waiter
Music Video
MonaLisa Twins / Waiting for the Waiter
Monalisa Twins
Woolgoose Records
2017 - 2018 The Chief/ Gordon Bosanquet
Mersey Street
Kevin O'Doherty
Vesbim Media Production/ Made TV
2017 Ivan
Bounty Hunter
Steven Renso
klodjo Production
2016 - 2017 Gary
Film (Feature)
The Tombs: Rise of the Damned
Dan Brownlie
Brand B
London Tombs
2016 Chris
Feel the Dead
John Real
Ghost Film Pictures
2016 Captain William Colley
The Somme: The first 24 hours.
Jeremy Freeston
Dragonshead Productions /Discovery
2015 - 2016 Farmer
Film (Feature)
Paul Hyett
EnMar Productions
South Wales
2014 - 2015 Deputy Director Philip Johnson
Film (Feature)
The Conspiracy of Drk Falls
Flynn Moores
Fourth Dimension Films
2015 Tim
SSE Corporate
Mark Knight
Juice Learning Ltd
2015 Robert Darwin
Film (Docu)
Ian & Dominic Higgins
Pixel Revolution Films
2015 Father
Music Video
The Dunwells / Lucky Ones
Alex Taylor
Cosmic Joke
2015 Israel
Film (Short)
Saucy Butty
Dave Hartill
Fuzzy Duck
2014 Anthony De Lucy
Saint Bees Man: Medieval Dead Series.
Jeremy Freeston
Dragonshead Productions
2014 Torture Victim
Music Video
The Glamour of the Kill / Afterhours
Ben Thornley/Paul Be Burrows
Sitcom Soldiers
2014 Greavesey
Corporate Training Film
Mark Knight
Juice Learning Ltd
2014 Sir John Cavendish
Film (Feature)
Muzaffar Ali
Kotwara Studios
Lucknow/Delhi India
2014 self
Still Photos
Steve Caldwell
2014 Francis
Film (Short)
The Hampshire Highwayman
Mirror Image Productions
2013 - 2014 Agent Harrison
Computer Game
Project Aella
Mr O. Shonibare
InnerSanctum Games
2013 Older Man
Film (Short)
The Box
Dave Hartill
Fuzzy Duck
2013 Jim
Film (Short)
Andrew Salamonczyk
The Dogs Dead Production Company
2013 Judas
Film (LB)
WOLF: The Betrayl of Judas
Ranjeet S Marwa
Empire Motion Pictures
2013 Martin Baker
50 Ways To Kill Your Lover-Pig Feed.
Jeremy Freeston
Thumbs Up Productions
2013 Forest Ranger
The Perfect Husband
Lucas Pavetto
Prima Visione Srl
2013 King Rothan/ Lothar
Film (Docu)
Treasure Trapped
Alex Taylor
Cosmic Joke
Syresham Fields Farm
2013 Keith
Film (Student)
Carry Me Keith
Lucy Shepherd
TFTV York University
2013 Grave Digger.
Film (Feature)
Wrath of the Crows
Ivan Zuccon
Studio Interzona
2013 The Huntsman
Film (Short)
The Hunt (Working Title)
Spike Morris/Oscar Hudson
Spudnick Productions
Alconbury Airfield
2013 Man
Film (Short)
The Weight
Dan Draper
Daniel Draper
2013 Adam
Adams' House
Joseph C Berry
Sheffield Hallam University
2013 Priest
Film (Short)
Demons of Domesticity
Kyle Ogden
Dirty Soap Productions
2012 Gun Slinger
Computer Game
Call of Juarez. Gunslinger.
Karel Van Bellingen
Maverick Media
Laredo. Kent
2012 Henry
Film (Feature)
Self Same Sky.
William Forster/Michael Mannion
The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy, in association with Inglenook
2012 General Carter
Film (Feature)
Zombie Massacre
Luca Boni and Marco Ristori
Extreme Video Snc
2012 Compare
Music Video
Mellor / Catch Me Girl
Ben Thornley
SitCom Soldiers
2012 Role Of B
An Unquiet Mind
Bernard Merrick
Wotlarx Enterprises
The Liverpool Actor's Studio
2012 Dale
Working at Heights
Kevin Casey
Safety Media Ltd
Colwyn Bay
2012 Brian Petty
Film (Student)
Tom Corton
Sheffield Hallam University
2011 Man
Film (Short)
Matt Brindley
Zodiac Productions
2011 Max
Film (Short)
The Necessary Strength
James Hall
Daryl Films
2011 Claimant/Patient
Wigan Nurses WCA
P R Players
2011 The Vicar
Film (Feature)
Saint Dracula 3D
Rupesh Paul
Cinema Vertite
2011 Hank
Film (LB)
Mayhem behind movies
Nigel Moran
2011 Thomas Wollerton
Theatre (Tour)
A Warning Against Idle Gossip
Ron Meadows
Trickster Theatre Company
Studio Liverpool / Saint Phillips Church
2011 DI Martineau
Film (Feature)
The Turing Enigma
Pete Wild
Mad Manc Media
2011 Chris Kelvin
Film (Student)
Samuel Fahy
Instant Light Productions
2011 Death
Film (Student)
Rob Hannant
Payattention Productions
2011 Duncan/Seyward
Cellan Scott
Trickster Theatre Company
Studio Liverpool
2011 Man
Music Video
Funeral for a Friend / Sixteen
Ben Thornley
SitCom Soldiers
2010 Ray
Film (LB)
Alco Pop Hold Up
Danny Gonzalez
Bournemouth Film Academy
2009 Shaun Russell
Crimes That Shook Britain
Helen Tonge
Title Role Productions
2009 Wild Man
Music Video
Crooked Timber / Crooker Timber
Ben Thornley
Sitcom Soldiers
2008 Evil Cowboy
Nigel Barton
StockMovies Ltd
2008 Narrator
Voice Over
Surestart Children Services
Debi Jones
Black Hat Productions
2008 Mr Jenkins
The Judgement of Mr Jenkins
Sue McGeorge
Second Nature Theatre Company
Octagon Theatre Bolton
2007 Fleshcreep
Theatre (Tour)
Jack and the Beanstalk
Tim Lince
Pendle Productions
2006 Tattooed Faced Criminal
New Street Law
Julian Holmes
One-Eyed Dog Productions
2006 Keith
Real Story. Becky's story
Fran Baker
BBC Television
2005 Director
Jesus Christ Superstar
Carl Wharton
Gladstone Theatre
2005 Kenny
Theatre (Tour)
Pete Turner
New Era Drama Company
2005 Robber
Film (LB)
Strapped For Cash
David King
Solar Pictures
2005 Security Guard
Film (Short)
Nigel Barton
StockMovies Ltd
2004 Bod The Clown
Theatre (Tour)
Bods Adventures
Carl Wharton
Dancing Dodo Drama Co
2004 Dr Ruddock
The Retribution
Carl Wharton
New Era Drama Company
Floral Pavillion New Brighton
2002 Ratty
Wind In The Willows
Ian Moore
Black Box Creative Communities CIC Ltd
Blue Coat Chambers Liverpool
2002 Hamlet
Ian Moore
Black Box Creative Communities CIC Ltd
Unity Theatre liverpool
2002 Various
Wearing Colours
Dave Ewing
Jade Productions
2002 Various
Midsummer Nights Dream
Ian Moore
Black Box Creative Communities CIC Ltd
2001 Riff
Westside Story
Lynne Williams
Gladstone Theatre
2001 Various
Romeo and Juliet
Ian Moore
Black Box Creative Communities CIC Ltd
2001 Gepetto
Ian Moore
Black Box Creative Communities CIC Ltd
2000 Rory Storm
The King of Liverpool
Slim Parry
Threadbare Theatre Co
2000 Pop The Green Weasel
Pop Goes The Greenwood
Carl Wharton
New Era Drama Company


  • Year
  • 2017
    Drama and Showreel Course.
    Magnificent Films Ltd
  • 2014
    Independent Drama
  • 2014
    Audition/Casting Workshop
    Michelle Smith Casting Director
  • 2013
    Confidence Horse riding skills
    The Centre of Horseback Combat
  • 2012
    Specialised Horse Riding Skills:Medieval Film Riding.
    Skills for Actors
  • 2012
    Actors Toolbox Workshop.
    Si Wall Actors Toolbox Workshop.
  • 1991
    3 yr. Acting/Musical Theatre

About me

Carl continues to increase his Film and TV credits with more offers of work increasing daily.

He has just returned from filming in India,portraying the role of the British Commissioner in the historic Bollywood epic RAQS:due for release January 2015.
Working with Carl was a special experience. Firstly he reinforced my belief in the character he was playing to the extent,that one could go that extra mile shaping and embellishing his qualities. While he could do that,one could not take him for granted or underestimate his presence particularly when one was tuned to receiving spectacular performance. Carl came with a regimen that creates perfection on sets. Muzaffar Ali: Award winning Director: RAQS.

Additional Information

Carl has worked in theatre and Tv for over 30 years.
He is a very dramatic character performer yet can still retain natural humble qualities when working in any Genre.
He is an excellent physical performer with a background in dance and fitness which bring an energy to all his characters.

Carl was a genuine joy to work with, easy to communicate with and perceptive to the needs of the scene. His performance can make any shot come to life. We consider ourselves very lucky to have cast him in our short drama “Evolution” and look forward to working with him on future projects.

Ian & Dominic Higgins
Pixel Revolution Films

Portraying Sir Henry Cavendish, Chief Commissioner of Oudh in the historic Bollywood epic about the rebellion against the Victorian rule.

Carl Wharton
Working with Carl was a special experience. Firstly, he reinforced my belief in the character he was playing to the extent that one could go that extra mile shaping and embellishing his qualities. While we could do that, one could not take him for granted or underestimate his presence particularly when one was tuned to receiving spectacular performance. Carl came with a regimen that creates perfection on sets.
Muzaffar Ali (Director).


It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Carl Wharton, who I cast to play the role of “Cavendish” in the forthcoming period feature film “Raqs”, filmed in India and directed by Muzaffar Ali.

As the casting agent for the British cast of the film, I can state that Carl showed his professionalism and determination from the outset. Carl took the time to understand the role and used his skills to immerse himself into the character. His creativity shone in his performance as the role of a British Army Officer in 19th century pre-independent India.
During the production, his commendable nature showed, along with the ability to discuss, share and listen to ideas and suggestions amongst co-actors and crew, as well as quickly adapting to production changes (and the 45C heat during filming).

Co-acting alongside Carl in the film, playing the role of “Kitty”, I found Carl to be very productive, with a great sense of approach and focus, delivering his role with great enthusiasm, and I look forward to co-acting with him in the future, as well as definitely casting him for relevant future roles.

Natalie Arikan -
Co-Founder / Casting Agent
Equidem Media.

Wolf:The Betrayl of Judas.
Ranjeet Singh: Dir
" Carl Wharton, an absolutely amazing actor to work with. Very few people have passion for what they do and I can say with confidence, Carl has an impressive amount of passion. Not only is he able to adapt to any type of role, he becomes that person and you fully believe that the character has jumped from the page to on the screen. Carl likes to collaborate with anyone he works with making him an instant team player, he takes his time to perfect what he is doing ultimately giving the best results, what more could you ask for ? Working with Carl has been an absolute pleasure and I can say this wont be the only time that I will work with him, we have many things planned "

Project Aella.
Carl Wharton: Agent ******** needs no introduction. This is the man who makes a pistol beg for mercy. Exceptional, A**, Brilliant, Sublime, Fantastic, Marvelous work. What I saw at the shoot was a natural performer. You defined your character beyond my comprehension, and gave substance to the scenarios being depicted at the shoot. Your facial expressions, prop handling were absolutely brilliant. I am happy to have chosen you, and it is certainly one of the best decisions I have made for the project. Brilliant work!

"Running the Actors Toolbox workshops gives me the opportunity to see actors doing what they enjoy, acting. The toolbox schedule is the same for each workshop, yet they are always totally different, simply because the talent, enthusiasm and level of skill dictates the pace of the course. When you get serious minded, talented committed individuals, the course becomes a complet joy. Carl Wharton was exactly this type of actor. His passion for his craft was obvious, his enthusiasm to try things was immense and he responded perfectly to trying things new and took both direction and criticism in his stride. For any would-be director or casting agent, Carl represents no risk whatsoever, as he is the ultimate professional"
Si Wall. Actors Toolbox Workshop
October 2012.

Carl is genuinely one of the nicest and most gifted people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
With Carl's superb intuitive and technical understanding of the acting craft, it became clear at the very start of our working relationship that Carl would take any form of direction confidently, instinctively and passionately. He would always deliver with immense skill and care and his level of focus, conviction and determination was simply outstanding, which as a director, provided me with the absolute trust in his work and the choices he made.
It was incredibly easy to develop an organic relationship with Carl who posses an exciting creative and playful energy, particularly when working within improvisation, that oozes believability on screen.
Carl demonstrated a sensitive commitment to a variety of challenging topics in the feature film Self Same Sky. With terminal cancer being at the heart of this film, Carl would humbly accept all resources offered to him (such as speaking with Cancer Research UK), in order to bring true to life qualities to his work whilst being respectful also. Additionally Carl was committed to private research that brought extraordinary detail to his performance as a result, executed with sincere subtlety.
Carl is a profound actor, with a generous casting range, who will be adored by his fellow cast and crew - I highly recommend Carl with no hesitation whatsoever.

William Forster

Artistic Director of Inglenook Productions Ltd

Co-Director of 'Self Same Sky' (The Co-operative British Youth Film Academy, 2011)

2008 BA Hons Directing Graduate, Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance

+44 (0) 784 134 3045 |

"Working with Carl is so easy you could not believe it... He is such a professional on set and a great person outside. He always give the 100% on everything he does and from the very beginning I knew he was the right choice for playing General Carter. He is a very talented actor and a good friend... We had great time together during the shooting of ZM !"
Director: Marco Ristori.

Carl was a great pleasure to work with. Not only is he a very talented actor but also a very warm, friendly individual. He was always very punctual and took direction very well whilst working with our crew to achieve the best possible performance in a scene. I would love to work with him again in the future.
Georgia Benjamin: Producer: Short Film
Adam Raised A Cain.

Review of A Warning Against Idle Gossip
"Beautiful, strong, striking, must see"
by Maggie Collins for remotegoat on 30/06/11


Keeping your head down after almost being burned for being a heretic should be an easy task or so you'd think! Not for Thomas Wollerton.

Trickster Theatre's newest offering "A Warning Against Idle Gossip" is a story about one man's struggle with living within his beliefs, staying alive and keeping his loved ones alive.

The play, written by Michael Crowley, is set in a church in England 1556. Right from the very start the ambience of Studio Liverpool, with its bare wooden floors and rafters, makes us feel like we are right there in the church. The smell of incense and Father Bampton dishing out communion as we are waiting certainly sets the mood.

The set is very simple with the action taking place all around us, almost making us feel as if we are spying on the story as it unfolds.

Directed by Ron Meadows, this is a beautifully told tale of family loyalty, personal faith and morality.

Although the story itself is not particularly new, the way that Crowley has written the play made me care about the characters. Wollerton (Carl Wharton) is pulled from his rock of faith between many hard places; wife Anne (Bronwyn Ebdon), son Robert (David Alnwick) and Bampton (Cellan Scott). This is all compounded when he has to look over Wallop (David Collins), a murderous vagabond. Wallop is the perfect vehicle for Crowley to explain the story through. In explaining the political / religious happenings of the times to Wallop, the audience is always kept in the loop.

All of this, put together with strong acting throughout, striking lighting which gives the impression of a Caravaggio painting (one of the scenes is done completely in candle light) and sound direction, A Warning Against Idle Gossip is a great way to spend ones evening!

Event Venues & Times
Showing until 02/07/11 Studio Liverpool | 29 Parliament Street, Liverpool, L8 5

Review: A Warning Against Idle Gossip, Studio Liverpool


You never quite know what you're going to get when you step inside Elevator Studios and take the lift up to the fifth floor, but time and again Studio Liverpool has proved it is well worth taking a chance. Last time its in-house theatre company Trickster took over it was for a memorable Macbeth earlier in the year; this time they are presenting something a bit riskier, premiering a gothic morality play -- of sorts...

A Warning Against Idle Gossip is set in the Middle Ages as the plague sweeps a fearful English village. As "the sickness" takes hold, two sides of spirituality are also at war as a schism threatens to tear apart the Church. A new play by Studio Liverpool's writer-in-residence Michael Crowley, the first thing that hits you is the immediate clarity both of the script and performance. A simple altar transforms the bare room into a church, and it is not difficult for the audience to let imagination do the rest.

Once again Cellan Scott, a good, solid Macbeth earlier in the year, stands out in a role he plays to menacing, commanding perfection. As Sir Christopher Bampton, he is the man of the Church with a sinister dedication to Catholicism. Carl Wharton (pictured above) plays the more reasoned and doubtful deacon Thomas Wollerton, who has not exactly been living the most traditional of lives and whose Evangelical beliefs and dreams of a Church of England could seal his fate.

Throw in a desperate wife (Bronwyn Ebdon), a headstrong long lost son (David Alnwick) and a mysterious vagabond known only as Wallop (David Collins), and a war of worlds and wills threatens to tear everyone apart.

Collins provides some comic relief as the wanderer seeking sanctuary in the church and Alnwick, who can be usually seen on the variety circuit doing his comedy magic act with broad Newcastle accent showed some considerable depth as the principled, rebellious son. Ronald Meadows's direction is tight and the soundtrack, by Katie Chatburn, sets the tone perfectly.

Once again, Trickster Theatre prove that you don't need much to create an evocative and effective production and A Warning Against Idle Gossip is a gripping story, convincingly told. If you've never been, then go; Studio Liverpool is quietly producing some seriously good fringe theatre. If you're suffering Everyman Macbeth withdrawal (as I am), then this could be the show to take the pain away.

Studio Liverpool is on Upper Parliament Street, opposite Cain's Brewery. A Warning Against Idle Gossip runs until Saturday (July 2). For tickets and information visit their site here.
Tags A Warning Against Idle Gossip Carl Wharton Cellan Scott David Alnwick Elevator Studios Michael Crowley REVIEWS Studio Liverpool Trickster Theatre

Soon to be appearing in the scouse comedy 'Tenuous Relations', written by David Chesworth and directed by Pauline Daniels. The Liverpool Actor's Studio October 2011. Follow the link for more info:


Carl Wharton as Duncan lifting the Scenes fully with despair and fine acting.
However the Cast as a whole are terrific.

Edward D'Arcy Hatton. Remotegoat reviewer. 5 Stars.

MACBETH: Studio Liverpool.
14th -19th February 2011.

In terms of acting talent the whole Cast were brilliant. The acting was faultless.

The Public Reviews: 4 Stars

Additional Skills

Indoor climbing skills.
Step Aerobics.
Fitness Instructor.
Horse Riding,English and Western.


Skin Colour White
Hair Length Short to Medium
Native accent English
Accents (UK) Liverpool, Northern England, Northern Working Class, RP, Yorkshire
Interested in Comedy, Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Modelling, Music Videos, Panto, Radio, Rehearsed Readings, Roleplay, Teaching Theatre, Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TIE/TYA, TV, Voice Over
Experienced in Comedy, Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Modelling, Music Videos, Panto, Radio, Rehearsed Readings, Roleplay, Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TIE/TYA, TV, Voice Over
General Singing Skills Solo
Specific Singing Skills Baritone
General Dance Skills Ballet, Ballroom, Contemporary, Tap
Organisation Membership Equity
Stage Combat Skills Basic
Driving Licences Standard, Motorcycle
Perform nude? Only Professionally
DBS checked Yes