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Catherine Adams


Age Range
27 - 35
5' 6" (1m 68cm)
11st. 9lb. (74kg)
Hair Colour
Eye Colour


Year Role / Type Name of Production / Director Company / Venue
2017 The Queen of Hearts
Charlotte Jacobs
James Arts Productions
The Bread & Roses Theatre
2017 Mary/Candi
Film (Feature)
The Next Big Thing
Jon Brindle
Independent Production
2017 Marsha
Film (Student)
Spaced Remake
Jemma Cotterell
Independent Production
2015 - 2016 Julie
Film (Feature)
Gary Wasniewski
MW Films Inc.
2015 Janet
Film (Feature)
Tim Bishop
Mondas Pictures
2015 The Interviewer
Computer Game
Pokerstars - The Judge; Pop Talent
James Nunn
DJINN Entertainment
2015 Troll, Horny, Whimsical, Pitiful, Passive, Moral, Poseur
Voice Over
Quick Fix project
Nicola Pope
n/a Art Installation
2015 Anthea
Gils On The Ball
Maxine Chantel
Sunflower Films Ltd.
2014 Balcony Lady
Come Together
Gregg Masuak
Toast TV
2014 Elizabeth
Adots Aprentice
Sebastian Thiel
UpShot Entertainment
Pilot episodes
2013 Happy Customer
Superdrug Christmas Promotion
Morgan Hutchins
RSA Films
2013 Tulip
Robert Lucas
Discolsure Productions
2013 Tracy
Film (Feature)
False Murder
Swapnil Waghmere
Swim Productios
2013 Nina
Film (Short)
Adult Safeguarding
Julia Wedgewood
Tool Wire
2013 Happy Shopper
Superdrug Fragrance Offer
RSA Films
2012 Clara
Donald Newman
Kritain Mitchell-Dolby
Flitter Films
2012 O'Ren
Film (Short)
João Paulo Simões
Captüra Filmes & Frontier Media
2012 Jennifer
Film (Short)
Stand Up
Sezar Alkassab
Independent Project
2012 Jane Parish
Kym Suttle
Suttle Productions
The Drayton Arms Theatre
2012 Martha
Jack The Rippers London
Natasha Charles
Crow Theatre
10 Bermondsey Street -Site Specific
2011 Alice/Kay
‘The Four Horsemen; Famine’
Jonathon Brown
Tin Can Productions
2011 Kay
The Four Horsemen; Famine
Mark Brown
Tin Can Podcasts
2011 Gina
The Four Horsemen; War
Mark Lindow
Tin Can Podcasts
2011 Racheal
Film (Short)
Blade Runner 60
Richard Cosgrove
Cosgrove Productions
2011 Suzy
Film (Short)
The Boundries of Sanity
Tim Bishop
Mondas Pictures
2011 Claire
Film (Short)
The Steak Out
Simon Aitkins
Independent Runnings
2010 Diva
Diva Pitch
Catherine Adams
Rendered Productions
2010 Suzanne
Fours a Crowd
DJonny Chen
Unity Productions
2010 The Real Landlord
Interactive Rental Advisory Film
Richard Ballard
Metanoia Productions
2010 Mum
Film (Feature)
Temporary Spirits
James Sharpe
Deep End Digital
2010 Lucy
Film (Short)
The Last Train Home
Catherine Adams
Leonis Productions
2010 Dorris
Film (Student)
Bring Tradition back to Britain
Vicky Ward
Brighton Film School
2010 Oriana
John Fletchers The Wild Goose Chase
David Brown
The Ealing Shakespeare Players
Edinburgh Fringe
2010 Margeret
Alan Marni
Giant Olive Theatre Production
The Lion and Unicorn Theatre
2009 Mrs Davidson
Film (Short)
Oliver Jenewein
Vixon Media Productions & Harain Films
2009 Diane
Film (Short)
David Thorne
Odd Sock Films
2009 Lara Line
Film (Feature)
The Third Woman
Pia Tikka /Martin Rieser
Oblo Movies
2008 Commander Philippa Lesh
Film (LB)
Nec Plus Ultra
Doug Hewett
Aoxomedia Productions
2008 Lassblanistav refugee
Film (LB)
Cage Viral
James Smith
Tricycle Pictures Ltd
2008 Lorrie
Film (Short)
Natasha Brown
ddb Productions
2008 Millicent
Moving Forward (Pilot)
Simon Aitkins
Independent Runnings/Eatyourgreens Productions / Benjamin Green
2007 Dame Kneesandbumpsiedaisy / The Fairy Godmother
Theatre (Tour)
Matt Milchard
Pyramid Pantomimes
2007 Zoe
Film (Short)
New Man
Johnathon Dupont
Three Arrow Productions
2007 Hazel The Squirrel
Kids Kingdom
Eva Sigurdardotti
Independant Production (Pilot)
2007 Anna
Film (Short)
The Last Straw
James McDonnell
Planet Film Productions
2007 Dominque
Film (Feature)
Frank Drewello
Crystal Films
2007 Sheila,Bonnie, Mallory, Thelma, Louise, Lula
‘No Place Like Home’
Mari Hesjedal
MAaH Productions
2007 Karina Smith
Just Bling
Simona Williams
Cry Baby Media
2007 Domonique
Film (Feature)
Frank Drewello
Crystal Films
2007 Narrator
Film (Docu)
Iron Man UK
David Studwell
Sunhill Productions
2007 Sheila, Lula, Mallory, Thelma, Bonny, Louise
No Place Like Home
Mari Hesjedal
MHJ Productions
St Martins Theatre
2007 Narrator
Voice Over
Iron Man UK Documentry
David Studwell
Sunhouse Productions
2006 Amy
Film (Short)
Amy's Gift
Stephen Reid
Whirling Monsoon FIlms
2006 Ace Reporter
Great (sic!) Expectations
KIt Oldfield
Saffron HIll Productions
2005 White Girl
Black my Story
Nana Fosu
Ment2Excel Productions
2005 Mr Rossets PA
Film (Short)
No Alibi
Sunhouse Productions
2005 The Magicians Assistant
Music Video
Trankiller / La Nsramja China
Warner Bros
2005 Various
Voice Over
Lunn Polly
Travel TV
2005 Various
Voice Over
Computer Game
Illusion Softworks
2005 Cindy
Theatre (Tour)
Club Class
Practical Productions
2005 Sarah
Film (Docu)
Slip Stream
Talking Cactus Productions
2005 Maggie
Film (Short)
What if you slept?
Aurolight Productions


  • Year
  • 2001
    1 Year practical stage acting course (12 shows)

About me

A naturalistic Actress with a strong stage & screen presence, excellent characterization skills, a good ear for accents, and a wonderful catalogue of voices!
Possesses great rhythm and tends to learn quickly.

Has appeared in over 85 productions in Theatre, Film, TV, Web and Radio.

Also a prolific script writer with a realistic approach to any genre; be it Drama, Comedy or Sci-fi Horror!

"Catherine is not only one of the most talented actresses I've met but also a very talented script writer.On recommendation, I commissioned Catherine to write the feature length script for my synopsis of 'False Murder' and was amazed to discover that not only was she a talented writer but is also a very talented Actress. As an actress, Catherine puts her mind and soul into her characters and it really is great to watch her at work. An asset for any Director! :) Hence my casting her as a supporting lead in 'False Murder'.
I look forward to working with Catherine again in the future."

"She grasped the character straight away and responded well to both artistic and technical direction and was most certainly a dedicated pro....I would work with Catherine again in a heartbeat."

"Catherine is a highly motivated and competent actress. Bringing creativity, initiative and hard work to a project, she is an invaluable resource to any director. "

"Catherine Adams was joy to work with; technically precise whilst also an extremely skilled comic actress. I look forward to working with her again in the future"

For full details please see

Also enjoys & has experience in Directing, Devising, and Casting.

Specialties: Spotlight number: 6298-9082-0249

Additional Information for reels, photo's and testimonials

Additional Skills

Basic stage fighting,
Basic Tai Chi and Tae kwon do.
Basic modern jazz, salsa.
Stage get ins& outs.
Writing & Directing.


Skin Colour White
Hair Length Long
Native accent English
Accents (UK) Cockney, Cornish, Dorset, Edinburgh, English, standard, Essex, Highlands, Lancashire, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Luton, Manchester, Norfolk, Northern England, Northern Working Class, RP, Scottish Highlands, Scottish, Central, Scottish, Standard, Somerset, South London, Southern England, Swansea, Welsh, Standard, Yorkshire
Accents (North American) Californian, General American, New York City, Southern American
Accents (International) African (South), Australian, Cork, Dublin, Eastern European, French, Irish, Italian, Nigerian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, West-Indian
Languages Spoken English
Interested in Comedy, Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Improvisation, Music Videos, Online, Presenting, Radio, Rehearsed Readings, Roleplay, Teaching Theatre, Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TV, Voice Over
Experienced in Comedy, Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Motion Capture, Music Videos, Panto, Presenting, Radio, Rehearsed Readings, Roleplay, Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TIE/TYA, TV, Voice Over
General Singing Skills Chorus
Specific Singing Skills Mezzo-Soprano
General Dance Skills Contemporary, Latin American
Organisation Membership Equity
Stage Combat Skills Yes
Perform nude? Only Professionally
DBS checked Yes
Accents (International) Australian, Cork, Dublin, French, German, Irish, Irish RP, Italian, Middle Eastern, New Zealand, Polish, Russian, Australian, Cork, Dublin, French, German, Irish, Irish RP, Italian, Middle Eastern, New Zealand, Polish, Russian