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Clare Cameron

Clare Cameron


Age Range
32 - 40
5' 4" (1m 63cm)
10st. 1lb. (64kg)
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About me

Spotlight page:www.spotlight.com/6538-6751-8232

Appearing at Oldham Coliseum Wednesday 28th June, 7.30m as part of the First Breaks Festival http://www.coliseum.org.uk/plays/first-break-writing-competition/

I'll be appearing in "Contractions" by Mike Bartlett, a Play With Fire Productions double-bill at 53:two from July 26th-29th http://www.playwithfireproductions.com/contractions--north-of-providence.html

I'll then be appearing in "Purge" at 53:two from Sept 21st-23rd http://53two.com/purge/4593435727?cn=cmVwbHk%3D and "What I Felt Whilst Under You" at Hope Mill Theatre in October.

Reviews & interviews at www.clarecameron.com

Additional Information


Portia, a one-woman show, written and directed by Robert Gillespie for Clare for the Women in Arts Festival, Dec 2013. Selected no. 5 in Top Ten Theatre shows 2013 www.entertainment-focus.com/theatre-section/theatre-news/top-10-theatre-of-2013.

★★★★★ Entertainment Focus
★★★★ Remote Goat

"Cameron’s richly varied and nuanced performance is nothing short of superb"
Entertainment Focus

"We were whisked through a character’s family and love life, a whole rehearsal process and some large extracts of Shakespeare, as well as the more serious themes of gender, religion, and abortion, under the deft control of sole performer Clare Cameron"
Remote Goat

Denial at the Kings Head Theatre, London

★★★★ The Guardian
★★★★ What's On Stage
★★★★ Entertainment Focus
★★★★ The Public Reviews
★★★★ The Jewish Chronicle
★★★★★ Onestoparts
★★★★★ Ham & High

"gutsy performances, particularly from Cameron"

"our sympathies are also enlisted for the troubled Jenny, whom Clare Cameron invests with a blazing anger"

"Clare Cameron is particularly fine in handling her moments of breakdown"

" Clare Cameron (whom we last saw in EF's top-rated production of 2011, Love, Question Mark) delivers another astonishing performance of raw emotion as the disturbed Jenny Young. Her intense portrayal bears out over the course of the play the terrifying reality of somebody convinced they're right. Where she violently loses control she shocks the audience into silence through heart-wrenching displays of naked anguish. Cameron gives a brave and acutely-considered performance that it's impossible to look away from."

"Clare Cameron as the daughter/patient has the most challenging acting task, and convincingly takes her character on the journey from scepticism through vulnerability to rage, self-righteousness and the mechanical parroting of psychobabble - all the more impressively as Wesker's fragmented structure makes her go through those stages out of sequence."

"director Adam Spreadbury-Maher had to demand performances from his cast that revealed the depth of their trauma without toppling into parody. He gets that from Clare Cameron, whose damaged Jenny teeters on The Edge of rage at all times and just once externalises it physically, violently, frighteningly."

"..compelling drama...Clare Cameron, establishes a character who is angry and vengeful to the point of hysteria"

"a wholly convincing Clare Cameron"

"Clare Cameron as Jenny effectively channels her character's anger and sense of betrayal, swearing and acting flippantly during a session with her therapist before breaking into a genuinely shocking violent fit"

"Cameron arouses both dislike and intrigue as the bearer of the fatal, pointing finger....A must-see show."

"A cleverly written, thought provoking piece, with fine performances from the whole cast"

Someone to Blame at Kings Head Theatre, London

★★★★ The Independent
★★★★ What's on Stage
★★★★ Entertainment Focus
★★★★ The Public Reviews
★★★★★ Ham & High

"A powerfully compelling and convincing verbatim piece" The Independent

"theatre that challenges, changes views and raises awareness" Whatsonstage.com

"gripping...brought vividly alive" British Theatre Guide

"highly charged...sharply crafted.." Time Out

"theatrical dynamite" ExtraExtra

"Clare Cameron, currently also starring in Denial, continues to impress in a multitude of parts ranging from the feckless teenage "witness" who claims to have seen Hallam attack Kassahun to Hallam's hard-edged solicitor. The latter role sees Cameron and Crouch opposite two police officers in an interview room. It's one of the most memorable scenes in the play, with Cameron's solicitor refusing to give ground to increasingly belligerent officers, and Crouch reduced to repeating 'no comment'. It's a great showcase for Cameron's incredible versatility as an actor, as she slips seemingly effortlessly between characters often in the space of a few heartbeats." Entertainment Focus

"Unilaterally the ensemble was fantastic; giving performances amazing for their simplicity...David Mercatali's 's direction is seamless and vibrant..I defy you to stay unmoved" The Public Reviews

"a tightly constructed and pacey piece of work that weaves a myriad of voices into a compelling drama" Fourth Wall

"With beautiful simplicity, the inherently dramatic nature of the saga surrounding the accusation and imprisonment of Sam Hallam is replicated onstage" A Younger Theatre

"a strong cast who make their roles alive" British Theatre Guide

"an excellent piece of political drama. ...immaculate character interpretation and timing - which all of the actors achieve to perfection" Islington Now

"The range displayed by the ensemble is nothing short of fascinating, Clare Cameron is evenly convincing both as the apathetic key witness and Sam's obstinate lawyer." ExtraExtra

"The ensemble actors, however, are the ones who stole the show, with their ability to flip-flop from chav to posh attorney in seconds. .....Clare Cameron gave ice-queen a whole new meaning in her simultaneous characters, impressing us with her various juxtaposed roles." So So Gay

"An enthusiastic ensemble bound around the stage and flip from surly eyewitnesses to composed lawyers with ease."Fourth Wall

" A cracking and well produced play. . . Highly recommended" Hackney Citizen

REVIEWS: Love, Question Mark

"an outstandingly brilliant performance by Clare Cameron who steals the stage from the very second she appears on it." Backstage Pass

"an outstanding performance from Clare Cameron as Maria........Cameron commands the night in Love, Question Mark and justly so." www.ayoungertheatre.com

"The show also features a stand-out performance by Clare Cameron..." www.spoonfed.co.uk

"Clare Cameron's sultry, smouldering Maria...abused all her life but oozing sex, comes with her own agenda " www.thepublicreviews.com

"Clare Cameron seethes and sizzles as the tempestuous Maria." www.curtainup.com

" ..wonderfully performed by Stuart Sessions and Clare Cameron." www.britishtheatreguide.info

REVIEWS: The Tempest

" Clare Cameron is outstanding as the rejected and enslaved Caliban..... Having seen The Tempest numerous times, Cameron is the most memorable and convincing of Caliban I have encountered and is a definite stand out in this production." www.fringereview.co.uk

"Clare Cameron plays a powerfully animalistic Calaban to great effect." www.remotegoat.co.uk

"Clare Cameron makes an excellent Caliban" www.whatsonstage.com

"Caliban played by Clare Cameron definitely stood out in the production..." www.extraextra.org

REVIEWS: Jane Austen Makes a Match

"As for our heroines, it's never easy to portray women as well-loved and admired as Jane Austen and Elizabeth Bennet, but Clare Cameron and Kerry Steed respectively deliver vibrant and energetic performances that bring them brilliantly to life" (The Jane Austen Society)

REVIEWS: You've been a wonderful audience

"Both Clare Cameron and Mark Katz provided a sparkling counterpoint and added colour and texture to the drama" www.thisislondon.co.uk

'..Nurse Jenny admirably played by Clare Cameron,who seamlessly takes on other roles' (Remotegoat)

REVIEWS: The Taming of the Shrew

"Clare Cameron was great as a northern monkey version of Biondello,Lucentio's servant." (Local Secrets)

Additional Skills

Theatrical Firearms training, RC-Annie
Driver (full, clean license)


Skin Colour
Hair Length
Native accent
Accents (UK)
Birmingham, Cockney, Dorset, Essex, Estuary English, Glasgow, Lancashire, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Northern England, Northern Irish, RP, Scottish Highlands, Scottish, Standard, Somerset, South London, Southern England, Welsh, Standard, West Country, Yorkshire
Accents (North American)
General American, New York City, Southern American
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African (South), Australian, French, German, Irish, Mexican, Russian, Spanish, West-Indian
Languages Spoken
English, French, German, Russian, Spanish
Interested in
Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Radio, Rehearsed Readings, Roleplay, Theatre (Professional), TV, Voice Over
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Comedy, Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Music Videos, Radio, Rehearsed Readings, Roleplay, Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TV, Voice Over
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