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Klemens Koehring

Klemens Koehring


Age Range
25 - 35
5' 9" (1m 74cm)
11st. 14lb. (76kg)
Hair Colour
Eye Colour


Year Role / Type Name of Production / Director Company / Venue
2018 MI6 Agent Kurt Koenig
Film (Feature)
Margery Booth: The Spy in the Eagle's Nest
Peter Davies
Imperial Film Productions
2018 German Newsreader
Film (Feature)
Lords of Chaos
Jonas Åkerlund
Vice Films
2017 Chris
Unconscious Bias and Management Videos
Tom Hickmore
Nice Media
2017 Pasha Selim
Mozart's Die Entführung aus dem Serail
Rafael R. Villalobos
West Green House Opera
West Green House Opera
2017 Dr James Alford
Film (Feature)
Precious Little Things
Al Carretta
Nightpiece Media
2017 Captain Morgan (Voice)
Captain Morgan 'Margarita' & 'Rose' (German)
Sarah Corfield
2017 Harry Hawker (Voice) / Andreas Kessler (Voice)
Computer Game
Sniper Elite 4
Kasumi Kitano
2017 Banquo
Harry Denford
The London Theatre
The London Theatre
2017 Ricky
Grow (English & German)
Samuel Chapman
LEO Learning
2014 - 2017 Regular Voiceovers
Cartoon Network (German)
Simon Harris, Claire Bilyard
Offset Audio
2010 - 2017 Regular Voiceovers
Duracell Ultra Power (German)
Procter & Gamble
2016 Estate Agent
Film (Feature)
The Receptionist
Jenny Lu
Uncanny Films
2016 Loki (Voice) / Library Manager (Voice)
Computer Game
Mark J. Lovegrove
Screen 7
Nominated "Best Voice Work" at AGS Awards
2016 Stewart
Film (Feature)
Chris Reading
Candr Pictures
Epic Pictures
2016 The German Pilot
Film (Short)
Dying Light
Luke Andrews
Focus Shift Films
2016 Lock Master
Film (Short)
On the Run
Lily Grimes
Grimes Films
2015 - 2016 Regular Voiceovers
Skechers (German)
Jack Blake
2015 Egon Faber
Film (Feature)
Brothers of War
Mike Carter
MCN Productions
Epic Pictures
2015 Berlin Police Announcer (Voice)
Film (Feature)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Dan Morgan (ADR Director)
Warner Bros.
2015 Narrator (Voice)
Solar Impulse - Flight for the Future
Darren Emerson
East City Films
History Channel Germany
2015 Art Director
HP Instant Ink (German)
Richard Critchlow
Dependable Productions
2015 Politician
Heimarbeit Online
Matthew Roberts
MVF Global
2015 Voiceover
CMC Markets (German)
Amber Larder
2014 August Gissler (Voice)
Film (Docu)
Raiders of the Lost Past - The Pirate Treasure of Cocos Island
Gerry Pomeroy
World Media Rights
UKTV Yesterday / History Channel
2014 Tybalt
Music Video
Babyfoot Romance (Lane 8 / The One)
Remy Bazerque
"Best Music Video" at Limelight Film Awards
2014 Mobot (Voice)
Computer Game
J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars
Jan Kavan
CBE Software
2014 Brauer (Voice) / Vahlen (Voice)
Computer Game
Sniper Elite 3
Kasumi Kitano
2014 Bandit Leader (Voice)
Computer Game
The Apotheosis Project
Mark J. Lovegrove
Screen 7
Nominated "Best Voice Work" at AGS Awards
2014 Estate Agent
Music Video
Leon of Athens / Sirens
Manolis Mavris
Stathi Twins Productions
2014 Gerhard Winnecken (Voice)
Film (Docu)
D-Day in HD
Sharon Petzold
Lone Wolf Documentary Group
History Channel
2014 Dentist
Still Photos
Online Educational Content
James Bannister
Healthcare Learning: Smile-On
2014 German Soldiers (ADR)
Film (Feature)
The Monuments Men
Simon Chase (ADR Director)
Rose Line Productions
2014 Joseph Goebbels (Voice)
The Rise of the Nazi Party
Kim Hogg et al.
World Media Rights
Discovery / History Channel
2013 - 2014 The Businessman
Film (Feature)
The Possessors
Peter Zappia
Jammed Films
2014 Runner
Google Glass 'Race Yourself'
Jack Pirie
Sudden Black
2011 - 2014 Regular Voiceovers
PokerStars (German)
Ben Exley, Sarah Marcon
2013 City Businessman
Nestle Aero Bubblehoppers
Sune Maroni, Nicholas Osborne
Epoch Films
2013 Chief Pathologist Dr Wild
Film (Feature)
Molly Crows
Ray Wilkes
Flashgun Films
"Best Drama" at Portobello Film Festival
2013 TV Host
Film (Short)
Isabelle Sieb
Yerman Films
Nominated "British Lion Award" & "Best Short Film" at BIFF Awards
2013 Prince Ludwig / Sir Walter Raleigh
Blackadder II
Simon Kingsnorth
Zuloo Productions
The Hexagon
2013 Commentator (Voice)
Computer Game
Wii Party U (German Version)
Michael Hulsmann
Side UK
Side UK
2013 Narrator (Voice)
Voice Over
Guinness Storehouse Audio Guide (German)
Nicola Wissbrock
Antenna Audio
2013 Isaac Newton
Kopparberg: It Started with a Pear
Moritz Riewoldt
Jonas Zimmermann
2013 Frank
Developing NCGs for Success
Sara Rowe
2013 Scientist
Film (Short)
End of the Road
Satnam Purewal
Fargo Bay Productions
Nominated "Best Short Film" at Coventry Film Festival
2013 Boyfriend
Valentine's Viral
Mark Wilson
Phink TV
2013 Security Guard
Music Video
Secret Friend / Killing Time
Stephen Smith
2013 Businessman
Film (Short)
Omer Kula
Kula Works
2012 Man Using Technology
Still Photos
Tech Obsessed
Nerys Jones
Getty Images
2012 William Bradford
An Act of Faith
Kirk Foster
The Market Theatre
The Market Theatre
2012 Mauch (Voice) / Petermann (Voice) / Pegado (Voice)
Film (Docu)
Raiders of the Lost Past - The Real King Solomon's Mines
Gerry Pomeroy
World Media Rights
UKTV Yesterday / History Channel
2012 Doctor X (Voice) / Eric Ashworth (Voice)
Computer Game
The Cat Lady
Mark J. Lovegrove
Screen 7
Nominated "Best Voice Work" at AGS Awards
2012 Designer
Still Photos
Office Escapism
Nick Dolding
Getty Images
2012 Paris / Prince Escalus / Sampson
Romeo and Juliet
Bart Lee
The Windsor Globe
The Windsor Globe
2012 The Rebel
Music Video
ESO / We Are Watching You
Samuel Smith
2012 TV Reporter
Music Video
Natty / Around Here
Nuakai Aru
BlackNine Films
2012 Worker 1
Cadbury - Olympic Live Sites
Thomas Ormonde
Fallon Films
2012 Quiz Host / Factory Manager / Office Employees
Staff Communications Roadshows (Germany & Austria)
Lucy Davies
Brand Biology
2012 Detective
Film (Feature)
The Devil Made Me Do It
Al Carretta
Nightpiece Media
2012 Reverend John Brodie-Innes
Film (Short)
Curious Soul
Pradeep Shahi
S.H.Y. Films
2011 - 2012 Tristan Geiger
Providing Financial Advice Videos
Costa Louvieris
Laser Learning
2012 Dr Schwaiger (Voice)
Computer Game
Sniper Elite V2
Kasumi Kitano
2012 The Smoking Businessman
Music Video
Mr Disfit / She's Gone
Matt Cusworth & Arron Sheekey
Frogg & Peach Productions
2009 - 2012 Narrator (Voice)
Film (Short)
Ontologically Anxious Organism
Richard Squires
LMFYFF Productions
2012 Gunther
Film (Short)
Corporate Bingo
Berty Cadilhac
Sea Urchin Films
2012 German Medical Officer
Film (Feature)
From This Day
Rick Roberts
Fire in the Hole Productions
2011 Narrator (Voice)
Disney Germany Trailers
Tobias Fischer
2011 German Soldiers (ADR)
Film (Feature)
War Horse
Constantine Gregory (ADR Director)
2011 Narrator (Voice)
Film (Docu)
Trudie Styler Fitness DVDs (German)
David Crackles
2011 German-Speaking Characters (ADR)
Film (Feature)
Becki Ponting (ADR Director)
Phenomenon Pictures
2011 ADR Loop Group
Film (Feature)
Age of Heroes
Adrian Vitoria
Matador Pictures
2010 German-Speaking Characters (ADR)
Film (Feature)
Philip Alton (ADR Director)
Golden Bat Productions
2010 Male Interviewee Voices
Voice Over
St. Paul's Cathedral Audio Guide (German)
Isobel George
Antenna Audio
2010 Demetrius (Voice) / Quince (Voice)
Voice Over
Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream (German)
 Michael Hulsmann
2009 Narrator (Voice)
Computer Game
Jambo Safari (German Version)
Hugh Edwards
High Score Productions
2009 Lt Glenn Duncan (Voice)
Computer Game
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey (German Version)
Hugh Edwards
High Score Productions
2009 Businessman
Music Video
Tommy Ludgate / So Cruel
Mike Osaer
Essential Media
2008 Blitz
Film (Feature)
Battle Brigade
Robert Shannon
Shannon Productions
2008 Eckbert Engelbrechtsen
Just Trust Me...
Mary Greco
Fat Toad Theatre Company
Greenside Theatre
2008 Tobi Tapsig (Voice)
Computer Game
Tobi Tapsig Electronic Toy
Clarence Smith
2008 Football Fan
Burger King Angus 6 Pack
Tim Kirkby
Dab Hand Media
2007 Bharata / Voices
Kavitha Krishnan
Maya Dance Theatre
The Republic Cultural Centre Theatre (Singapore)
2007 Ghost in the Sheet (Voice)
Computer Game
Ghost in the Sheet
Jan Kavan
CBE Software
Computer Times Editors' Choice Award
2007 German SA Officer
Nuclear Secrets
Chris Bould
BBC Television
2007 Oliver Squire
Film (Short)
Sign Language
Ben Campbell
Silver Bell Films
2006 Siward / Doctor / Porter / Sergeant
Neil McCurley
Kangaroo Court Theatre Company
The Hexagon


  • Year
  • 2018
    Movement Techniques (Chinese Internal Martial Arts - Tai Chi, Ba Kua) Private Tuition (2016-2018)
    Rose Li East (London)
  • 2017
    Character Development for Video Games Workshop
    Dave Fennoy (The VoiceOver Network, London)
  • 2017
    Performance Capture Intensive Workshop
    The Mocap Academy (London)
  • 2017
    Character Development for Animation Workshop
    Dian Perry (The VoiceOver Network, London)
  • 2017
    Motion Capture Character Creation Masterclass 'Heroes & Monsters' (2017) & Intro to Mocap Acting Masterclass (2016)
    The Mocap Vaults (London)
  • 2017
    Public Speaking / Stand-Up Comedy
    The London Comedy Course
  • 2017
    Vocal Intensive Workshop (2016) & Vocal Extreme Workshop (2017)
    Yvonne Morley Voice Coach (The VoiceOver Network, London)
  • 2012
    RP Accent Private Lessons
    Accent & Dialect Coach Sarah Shepherd
  • 2011
    TV Presenter Course
    TV Training Academy (Pinewood Studios)
  • 2008
    Michael Chekhov Acting Technique Intensive 10 Week Course 'The Deepening'
    Michael Chekhov Studio
  • 2007
    Acting (Study Abroad Semester)
    Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore
  • 2007
    Meisner Acting Technique Workshop
    Stint on Stage Singapore
  • 2007
    Diploma in Voice-Overs
    London Academy of Media, Film & TV
  • 2006
    3 yr. BA (Hons) Media Performance (First Class)

About me

London-based actor, presenter and voiceover artist with more than a decade of professional experience. Bilingual in German and English. Website with showreels, voicereels, gallery and detailed CV at

Additional Skills

voice director

practitioner of Chinese Internal Martial Arts, yoga, weight training

football, tennis, basketball, table tennis


Skin Colour White
Hair Length Short to Medium
Native accent German
Accents (UK) English, standard, RP
Accents (International) Austrian, French, German, Italian, Russian
Languages Spoken English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin
Interested in Comedy, Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Modelling, Music Videos, Online, Presenting, Radio, Theatre (Professional), TV, Voice Over
Experienced in Comedy, Commercials, Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Modelling, Music Videos, Presenting, Radio, Roleplay, Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), TV, Voice Over
General Dance Skills Latin American
Organisation Membership Equity
Facial Characteristics Sideburns