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Scarlet Sweeney

Scarlet Sweeney


Age Range
37 - 47
5' 2" (1m 57cm)
8st. 7lb. (54kg)
Hair Colour
Eye Colour


Year Role / Type Name of Production / Director Company / Venue
2016 Multiple Roles
Theatre (Tour)
The Crunch/What We Talk About When We Talk About Food
Rebecca Atkinson-Lord
The Welcome Trust/Look Left Look Right Theatre Company
UK Tour
2016 African Drum Player/Museum Visitor
Film (Short)
Handling Collection
Jasmine Johnson (Artist)
A Phase 2 of Daata Editions Commission
Powell-Cotton Museum
2015 Narrator
Film (Short)
Sangam Sharma
Sangam Sharma (Artist)
2015 Debbie
Film (Short)
Liam Gray
Little Ease Productions
2015 Monica
Our Language
James McCarthy
Odd Man Out Ltd / Funny Women Ltd
2015 Jasmine
Blind Date in The Mini Love Fest
Miriam Lucia
Clerkenwell Actors Studio
The Hen & Chickens
2015 The Computer
Liam Fleming
Encompass Productions
White Bear Theatre
2014 Bertha (Ruth Ellis' Mother), The Warder, Nun.
The Ruth Ellis Show
Jack Paterson
Goldsmiths University
George Wood Theatre
2014 Visitor/Witness at a Crime Scene (Green Screen Work)
Security Staff Training
Keith Thomas
Sightline Video and Interactive Media
2014 Eva Gray
Roar (In development stages/devising process).
Anna Soderblom
In The Gutter Productions
The Rag Factory
2014 Susie
The Knight Watch (Script Development Workshop)
Danny Hiller
Defiant Films
2014 Performance Art
Clay Meditation (Sensing Spaces Exhibition)
Ian Giles
The Royal Academy of Arts (Friday Late)
2013 Multiple Roles
Script Development Workshop
Natalie-Anne Downs
Veni Vidi Theatre Company
2013 Val
Film (Short)
Keith and Val
Matthew Reed & Sam Turk
Beckton Alp Cinema
2013 Mother
Blood Wedding
Zoe Ford
Hiraeth Artistic Productions
Waterloo East Theatre
2013 Melissa
Film (Student)
Sure Hearts
Dave Tynan
Goldsmiths University London
2013 Karen
Love vs Hate: Wounds
Zoe Ford
Lonesome Schoolboy Productions
Tristan Bates Theatre
2013 Maureen / Carol
The Onion by Geoff Atkinson
Avon Harpley
Vera Productions (Script Development Reading)
Endor Productions, Soho.
2013 Helen
Mark Conway
Made From Scratch (LabFest: Theatre 503)
Theatre 503
2013 Linda
Rehearsed Reading
St George's Day
Tom Latter (Sheer Drop)
Lifgosh: To Meet
New Diorama Theatre
2013 Prison Guard/Young boy
The Ruth Ellis Show
Christopher O'Shaughnessy
Goldmiths University (Script Development Workshop)
2013 Mum
Film (Short)
Double or Quits
Mike Jones
Who is Mike Jones Productions
2012 Linda
St George's Day
Tom Latter
Script Development Workshop
Marylebone Gardens
2012 Prison Guard
The Ruth Ellis Show
Martin Wall
Goldsmiths University (Script Development Workshop)
2012 Biological Anthropologist Fairy Godmother.
Alexis & Euan
Andrew Lukas
Dyspla Festival 2012
Tristan Bates Theatre
2012 Art Collector
Artfetch FlashMob
William Walsh
Simply Zesty
Frieze Art Fair, Regent's Park.
2012 Susan (lead)
As Ye Sow
Tom Richards
Theatre Of the Damned and Bare Bawds
Pleasance Dome Edinburgh (1-27th August).
2012 Storyteller
Ether (Performance Art)
Alfonso Borragan
Slade MFA show
Slade School of Fine Art
2012 Isidore's Wife
Film (Student)
47 Orchard Street
Reuben McNaughton
Westminster Film School
2012 Glenda
Film (Short)
Where is Harry?
Malwina Sworczuk
Invisible Colour
2012 Fahira
Rehearsed Reading
Ibrahim's Present
Kaya Stanley-Money
Goldsmiths College
2012 A mother in tears
Voice Over
The Turing Test (Supported by the BFI and NFM)
Edwin Mingard
Satellite Films Ltd
2012 Office Worker/Maypole Dancer
Laura Cooper
Slade School of Fine Art
Camden Arts Centre
2012 Molly
Rehearsed Reading
Monkey Town
Helen Barnett
Sunday Surgery
The Others, Stoke Newington.
2012 Mourner
The House of Bernarda Alba
Bijan Sheibani
The Almeida Theatre
The Almeida, Islington.
2012 The Groom's Mother
Music Video
The Kill Van Kulls / Impossible Man
James E Gardner
A James Gardner Production
The Rivoli Ballroom, South East London.
2011 Society at Large
Film (Short)
Ian Giles
Artist Ian Giles
2011 Susan
As Ye Sow (Revenge Of The Grand Guignol - Horror)
Stewart Pringle / Tom Richards
Theatre Of The Damned
2011 Greta
Blind Women (Revenge Of The Grand Guignol - Horror)
Stewart Pringle and Tom Richards
Theatre of the Damned
The Courtyard Theatre
2011 One of Maggie Semple's Elegant Friends (Lead).
Film (Short)
Every Woman Has A Fashion Story To Tell
Alberto Bona and Marco Sanges (DOP).
Maggie Semple Ltd
2011 Business Women
Music Video
DJ/Producers - Jesus and Judas. (Melechtric) / Motivator in da house
Thomas Goldser
Bespoke film productions
2011 Jane
Film (Short)
The Interview (Being Lionel Blair)
Tracey Larcombe
EGG Creative Productions
2011 Greta (Publicity shot for the forthcoming show. See my pics).
Still Photos
Revenge of the Grand Guignol (Horror)
Stewart Pringle
Theatre of the Damned
Anna Soderblom Studio
2011 Mary (Pregnant/Character has incestuous undertones, and is the imagination of a schizophrenic).
Film (Short)
One Friend
Alice Fernbank
Jalonen Brothers Films
2011 Fiona
Lucy Beech & Edward Thomasson
One Another's Company
IMT Gallery (One Another’s Company is an exhibition made by Hana Noorali and supported by the Arts Council England).
2011 Mother of gang rape victim
Film (Short)
'Breaking The Silence' ( War Against Gang Rape)
Alita Simpson
Eyes Wide Open Productions
2011 Laura
Film (Short)
Lucy Beech
One Another's Company
2011 Foley Artist, Church hand bell ringer and Radio 4 Announcer.
Film (Short)
A Smaller Sound, A Bigger Crowd
Ian Giles
Commissioned by the Canary Wharf Group, the Live Art Development Agency and Somewhere as part of The Floating Cinema, Portavilion 2011.
2011 Vocal Orchestra Member
Everything (Performance Art)
Ian Giles
Ian Giles (For the ICA)
2011 Melanie
7 Year Itch (Performance Art/Physical Theatre)
Lucy Beech & Edward Thomasson
More Soup And Tart
Barbican Main Stage
2011 Ancient
Ancient as Sound
Ian Giles
Performance Art
Frederick Parker Gallery
2011 La Grande-Duchesse
Les Justes (Albert Camus)
Christophe Damblant & Scarlet Sweeney
Beautiful Freak Theatre Company
The Cockpit Theatre
2011 Vocal Orchestra Member We/I/Bite/These/Now/Silence
We Are (Scorned)
Ian Giles
Performance Art
SW1 Gallery, Victoria.
2011 Vocal Orchestra Member We/I/Bite/These/Now/Silence.
We Are (Scorned)
Ian Giles
Performance Art
Bloomsbury Theatre
2010 Martine
The Art of Death (Grand Guignol - Horror)
Stewart Pringle Tom Richards
Theatre of the Damned
Ectetera Theatre Camden
2010 Mrs Cruickshank
Crime in a Madhouse (Grand Guignol - Horror)
Stewart Pringle Tom Richards
Theatre of the Damned
Ectetera Theatre Camden
2010 Journalist
You Me Bum Bum Train (Site Specific)
Kate Bond / Morgan Lloyd
Barbican Bite Season
LEB Building, Bethnal Green
2010 Susan
Film (Student)
Estate of Mind
Joel Fowler
Met Film School
2010 Nurse Merriweather
Film (Student)
Ward 413
John Thanadul Lam
Bournemouth University
2010 Kate (Lead Role)
Film (Short)
David Omid Alamouti

2010 Jill's Mother
Film (Student)
The Krampus
Jo Kreil
Intro productions / Femme Fatale Productions
2010 Meow
All Together Now. Work 3: a,e,i,o,u
Ian Giles
Ian Giles
20 Hoxton Square Gallery / Site Specific/Performance Art
2010 Part of a Chorus
Our Youth Of Bricks Who Built It
Ian Giles
Plainness in Diversity
Performance Art/ Site Specific / Birkbeck University
2010 Meow
All Together Now. Work 2: a,e,i,o,u
Ian Giles
The Barbican Art Gallery / Site Specific/Performance Art
2009 The Witch
Rehearsed Reading
The Red Man In The Door
Susie Fairbrother
Arch 468
Arch 468
2009 Nicole
Film (Short)
The Mirror
Acelya Kancelik
Imece Films
2009 Sandra and Dr Mendes
Rehearsed Reading
Three Stories
Rebecca Atkinson-Lord
Arch 468
Arch 468
2009 Hilda
Film (Short)
Bush Man
Jennifer Potter & Gareth Molan
Mr. Hot Dog Films
2009 Mary
Rehearsed Reading
Together We're Heavy
Tanith Lindon
CanUk Theatre Company
Cock Tavern Theatre Kilburn
2009 Rebecca and Mrs Lewis
Christophe Damblant
Beautiful Freak
Barons Court Theatre
2008 Lynn
Film (Student)
Death of a Sales Woman
Rohit Gill
London Film School
2008 Wife
The Censor
Christophe Damblant
Beautiful Freak
2008 Dame Trott /Giant /Cow
Theatre (Tour)
Jack And The Beanstalk
Ensemble Piece
Articolate Treatro Company
Padova Italy
2007 featured vocalist as The Junkyard Angel
Voice Over
Track 'Konkorde Lafayette'
DJ's/Producers 'Padded Cell' (Label - DC Recordings)
2007 Voice over for Educational Book 4
Voice Over
Avalon Direct - English Book 4 (English as a foreign Language)
Adrian Lee
Avalon School of English
2007 Ring Master
Le Cirque Magique
Adam Roberts
The European Theatre Company
UK Tour
2006 Mugged Victim
Film (Student)
Stuart Parkins
London Film School
2006 Nun
Mariana Pineda
Max Key
Arcola Theatre
2005 Mum
Film (Student)
Young Turks
Mark McCarthy
London Film School
2005 Sex Line Operator
Film (Short)
Oliver Merchant
Carbonark Ltd
2005 Lorraine Osbourne
Coffee, Cigarettes & Paranoia
Phillip Gawthorn
Kings Head Theatre
2004 Inez
In Camera
Tim Gingell
Rosemary Branch Theatre
2003 Mum and Jo
Too Much Punch For Judy
Matt Kane
Ape Theatre Company
UK Tour


  • Year
  • 1993
    Post Graduate Acting
    St Catherine's Drama Studio

About me


2012 - 2014, attending The Clerkenwell Actors Studio. Tutor Miriam Lucia.The working methods employ the teachings of Stanislavski, Strasberg, Adler, Mamet, Michael Chekhov.

2012, attended The Actors' Temple, London - Tutor Mark Wakeling.

2012, attended Workshop, Kate Saxon - Shared Experience Theatre Company.

2008, attended Workshop, Sound in Performance , THE NATIONAL THEATRE, Gareth Fry/Maria Oshodji.

2008, attended Workshop, Sound & Devising, COMPLICITE, Catherine Alexander (Physical Theatre).

2008, attended Workshop, Athletes of the Heart, GECKO THEATRE COMPANY, AL NEDJARI (Physical Theatre workshop).

Additional Information

Vimeo link to a 3 minute comedy short 'Double or Quits' shot in January, 2013.


The short documentary film I worked on 'Breaking The Silence' by Eyes Wide Open Productions has won two awards for Best Short Documentary and Best Short Documentary Director at The Monaco International Film Festival 2011.

Short film: Where is Harry? (Winner of Allegro Short Lab Competition part of Off Plus Camera Festival, Krakow, Poland)

Link to the short trailer for 'Mother' film shot in 2010.

Additional Skills

Reviews for 'Revenge Of The Grand Guignol 2011.

The Public Another long set-up draws us into 'As Ye Sow' nicely as Jeffrey Mayhew and Scarlet Sweeney's gentle, familiar and delicate performances establish a touching father/daughter relationship.

'Blind Women' finishes the evening with a short out & out psycho-horror with no sense of motive or reason but an aesthetic that Guillermo Del Toro would be proud of. Committed performances, especially the beautifully disturbing Scarlet Sweeney leave us squirming at the climax of this brilliantly sinister, twisted vision.

Islington Tribune on 'Blind Women': The fourth play (and best) about a female factory worker blinded during a German air raid on London.

This show isn't frightening exactly (at first), but it is chilling, brilliantly acted, well written and incredibly gruesome.

It does make you look away, even if you're not the squeamish sort.

Blind Woman, is probably the most traumatic. It made a lasting impact - on my way out I heard one audience member scurrying out of the theatre whispering: "Come on let's go, I don't want to be the last one left in here on my own."

The feeling was mutual for anyone who had just sat through the previous two hours. Bloody, explicit, scary and very realistic, this show put me off going to sleep at night. Recommended for horror junkies far and wide. about:

As Ye Sow' is a play by Stewart Pringle and it starts rather harmless concerning an elderly man in a care home whose boring routine is broken up only by regular visits from his daughter. They chat about this and about that and as to why he keeps the portrait of dead mum in the drawer instead on the bedside table. And so the time (and the play) passes, without much happening until the TV-set in his room gets switched on. Be warned: it's the last 10 minutes of this play that will make you jolt, so unexpected is the twist and so sudden the shock! I've spotted at least six guests who screamed out loud, and I was one of them.

Final play of the night was 'Blind Woman' by Stewart Pringle, inspired by Lucien Descaves' 'Atelier d'aveugles'. Here, the scenario is set inside a forgotten munitions factory as the blitz rages outside. Four female factory workers, three are creepy looking, one is utterly mad. Doesn't sound like a happy ending is in store and no, there isn't!

The cast of ten are superb and the sets and props add to the atmosphere.

And, on: As Ye Sow is the story of an elderly man haunted by a deadly secret, and stood out from the rest in terms of sheer dread.

Blind Women is a disturbing portrayal of ostracism and violence in the factories of wartime Britain. on 'Blind Women':Sweeney's Greta is incredibly intimidating, as she stays silent and still, waiting for her moment to latch onto Ena and interrogate her in an alarmingly chilling manner.

Reviews for Grand Guignol show in 2010.

Evening Standard:

It is so shocking that audience members have run out in terror, vomited and even fainted - or so its creators claim. But rather than being perturbed, the makers of "London's scariest show" say they are delighted. Grand Guignol has attracted sell-out audiences since it opened last month at Camden Fringe venue Etcetera. Now Theatre of the Damned, the company behind the show, has been long-listed for best entertainment and best sound design at the Off West End Awards.


"Scalpel. Forceps. Drill." Crunch. "Leucotome." Screams.

And so begins the first of three stories from the Theatre Of The Damned who have brought their play Grand Guignol to London for its first full-length run. This is not a show for the squeamish - one woman fainted during the first play when we saw it and if you were looking for post-Halloween chills of the non-temperature-related variety, we suggest you walk right past the overhyped Ghost Stories and keep going until you get to the Etcetera Theatre.

Review of the Mourners in 'The House of Bernarda Alba' at the Almeida.

The Guardian, Michael Billington: In Emily Mann's new version, the action of Lorca's tremendous 1936 play has been shifted from Andalusia to rural Iran. This intensifies the atmosphere of oppression and yields one remarkable image, when the house of the play's title fills with over 20 burqa-clad mourning women.


Skin Colour Olive
Hair Length Shoulder Length
Native accent English
Accents (UK) Cockney, Devon, London, RP, Yorkshire
Accents (North American) General American
Languages Spoken French
Interested in Corporate, Film (Professional), Film (Student), Music Videos, Panto, Rehearsed Readings, Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TV, Voice Over
Experienced in Film (Professional), Film (Student), Panto, Rehearsed Readings, Theatre (Fringe), Theatre (Professional), Theatre (Touring), TIE/TYA, TV, Voice Over
Specific Singing Skills Soprano
Organisation Membership Equity
Driving Licences Standard, Motorcycle
Perform nude? Only Professionally