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Aged Care Channel

Aged Care Channel (ACC) provides carer training, learning and development solutions for care homes.

ACC uses high definition films that tell stories that are engaging, informing and inspiring. These demonstrate a positive approach to care and best practice. The delivery mechanism for our training is flexible so that it can be tailored for the needs of your business.

Accredited and aligned with the needs of UK care companies, our courses draw on the knowledge of industry experts.

Members of Mandy Actors who have worked for Aged Care Channel

  • 2018 Bill Best
    Bill Best, Zeb (one of the principal actors)
    • Loneliness, alone in a crowd
    • Poole care home
  • Jan Rook
    Jan Rook, Nina
    • Aged Care channel
    • Moat Park Essex
  • 2017 George Manuell
    George Manuell, John: Care Home Resident
    • First Aid: Awareness & The Basic Principles
    • Castle Brook, Common Lane, Kenilworth CV8 2EQ
  • David Tudor
    David Tudor, Pete
  • David Tudor
    David Tudor, Derek
    • Diabetes: Managing Medications
  • Tamara Wilder
    Tamara Wilder, Nurse
    • Diabetes – Managing Complications and Medication
  • Yvonne Delahaye
    Yvonne Delahaye, Mrs Muller
    • Customer Service: Providing a Five Star Experience
    • Freemantle Court
  • 2016 Diane Crush
    Diane Crush, Patient
    • Training video
    • Aylesbury.Bucks
  • Samantha Russell
    Samantha Russell, Debra
    • Outbreak Management
  • Melvyn Rawlinson
    Melvyn Rawlinson, Featured resident with dementia
    • Dementia: Responding to Behaviours
    • Care Home in Coventry
  • 2015 Paul Reeve
    Paul Reeve, Tom - Care Home Resident
    • Mental Capacity Act
    • Cheltenham
  • Alice Herz
    Alice Herz, Care Coordinator
    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Aged Care Channel Office, Milton Keynes
  • Rachel Dobell
    Rachel Dobell, Registered Nurse
  • 2014 Paul Casson-Yardley
    Paul Casson-Yardley, Jeff Burnham
    • Resolving Confrontational Situations
  • Maria Chandler
    Maria Chandler, Mrs Beasley
    • Resolving Confontational Issues, Training Film
    • Care Home, Bourne
  • Lara Bradban
    Lara Bradban, Judith
    • H&S: Managing Workplace Stress
  • Sona Vyas
    Sona Vyas, Amber
    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Ronald Gibson House
  • June Elvin
    June Elvin, Olive
    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Melanie Switters
    Melanie Switters, Karen
    • Equality, Diversion & Inclusion
  • Yvonne Delahaye
    Yvonne Delahaye, Senior Carer Jane
    • Dementia: End Stage of Life
    • Chiltern Grange Care Home

Aged Care Channel Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

ACC TV UK,Aged Care Channel Ltd