Headfirst Productions

Established in 2013, HeadFirst Productions is a UK-based, touring theatre company that tells relevant stories, and is committed to developing an educational outreach programme. Our work will consist of both opera and theatre. We dig deep into classic works of drama to find new perspectives and insights into characters, their situations, and the choices they make. We make theatre for a contemporary audience, by which we simply mean the people who are watching now. Theatre is ultimately made for an audience, be it an audience of one or of one hundred thousand. All the social and cultural ‘noise’ of every day life is integral to how we understand and receive art as well as how we make it. This does not mean that we will update everything to a contemporary setting, rather that we intend to acknowledge shifting perceptions and paradigms whilst we develop our work. We strive to increase accessibility to the arts by producing exceptional work that is engaging for a new audience as well as for regular theatre-goers.

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