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Little Jade Productions was set up by Jade Alexander to facilitate more exciting sci fi and genre projects. From an acting background where she still works, she found it difficult to find interesting or even any sci fi genre film projects!

Growing up on a diet of Star Trek, Star Wars and great novels by authors such as CS Lewis, Lloyd Alexander, Arthur C Clarke not to mention Robin Hobb, Margaret Weiss & Tracey Hickman, Jade developed an appetite for the fantastic and surreal.
After being told point blank that 'We as Australians, don't do genre', Jade set up Little Jade Productions and set out to excite and entertain people around the world. Since then Little Jade Productions is now based in London and has gone from strength to strength building up a reputation for creating interesting and original work.
Jade is passionate about sci fi and fantasy films where you can tackle current political topics without fear of reprisal, examine deep relationships, ask what it is to be human whilst also appealing to audiences of all ages.

"Sci fi can take us out of the everyday and connect with individuals to challenge their ideals and inspire their minds."

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