Giant Cherry Productions

Giant Cherry Productions is a company that has both boobs and balls - quite literally! Created with a singular vision in mind - to bring a wave of new LGBT productions to the global film, theatre and television scene.

We pride ourselves on striving to put on original works, some controversial, some that push the envelope. We believe that creativity should be about taking risks, challenging audiences' perceptions and provoking their thoughts and imaginations.

We believe it is vitally important for the gay community to see itself represented on film, stage and television. Issues are universal, regardless of sexuality. We are all human beings who all live, love and lose just like everyone else. We have love stories, we have tragedies. Sexuality shouldn’t be an issue. So we believe it’s always appealing to see plays, movies, TV shows where characters have the same problems as everyone else – and they just happen to be gay.

Giant Cherry is made up of Artistic Directors: Dylan Costello, Lee Saunders and Sian Hutchinson.

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