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Our name is a playful conceit which refers to “artists of the Connaught Theatre”. We are a new professional theatre company based in Worthing with the aim of bringing together local artists to collaborate on producing exciting work and make a positive contribution to regional theatre in modern society.

We believe that quality live theatre should continue to play a part in not only the Connaught’s future but also at other regional theatres as well. Therefore, our aim is to regularly produce work that starts its LIFE IN Worthing which we then take out on tour; striving to create a vibrant and energised in-house and touring theatre company in one.

An old definition for the word “con” is “learn by heart” and we infer this as our guiding principle to also mean “listen to our heart” by doing what we love to do; producing theatre that is exciting and alive to the best of our ability for the public benefit.


We are a not-for-profit arts organisation with the overall aim to produce high quality theatre productions that are vital, inspiring and seek to illuminate as well as entertain for the well-being of the local community and beyond in regional touring. Our core objectives are:

To provide opportunities for local professional artists to come together to create work of real value for the public benefit whilst affirming that regional theatre matters.
To become a recognised associate theatre company at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing.
To promote audience development.
To champion the continuance and innovation of quality live drama in Worthing and at other regional theatre venues.
To encourage learning and participation with students and young people who have a keen interest in drama and the theatre arts by way of providing work experience and mentoring opportunities.
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