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Juice Learning/NHS Trust

At Juice we design and deliver learning, create multi-media resources and manage events. We ensure that your staff are engaged and have the skills, knowledge and motivation to make a positive and lasting difference to your organisation.

We use a wide variety of techniques including theatre, film, e-learning and live workshops to cover a number of business critical areas including: Customer Experience Excellence, Equality and Diversity Awareness, Behavioural Health and Safety and Leadership. We’ll design each programme individually to suit your requirements and create a blended solution which delivers real value and long term improvement.

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for Juice Learning/NHS Trust

  • Kat Rogers
    Kat Rogers , Ali - Receptionist
    • Delivering an Excellent Customer Service

Juice Learning/NHS Trust Jobs

For details of known Juice Learning/NHS Trust vacancies, please check our jobs board for more information