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Started off as an indie roleplaying game company that is looking to generate interest for our new gaming system.

The Unseen world is an Urban Horror/Fantasy setting where people find themselves suddenly aware that the world they live in is not entirely as it seems and that the monsters and magic of the stories of old are not all fiction.

The Unseen World is building up to be our most ambitious project to date and will feature several different ways for people to experience the setting.

A brand new table top roleplaying game where players can take on the role of either a Sleeper who is a person waking up to the real world around them or as one of the Others, the werewolves, vampires, demons and other creatures of legend. The game will offer players the ability to craft there characters how they like using our Composite Gaming System rules and we will be adding a constant stream of free and premium content for players following its release.

To help people understand the Unseen World, we will also be producing a selection of short and full length stories for people to read that will introduce the reader to the main players in the world and those that seek to tip the balance for better or worse.

And finally we are in the process of producing a series of short films all set in the Unseen World. The first of these stories will be produced as a six part web series named the Crown of Thorns which will follow the journey of Sophie as she wakes up to the real world and finds herself in the possession of the mystical crown of thorns.

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