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“Night Drive” is a character study of Karen, a middle-aged woman who loses everything that matters to her: a good job, the person she loved and hope to realise her dreams for the future. Being deeply hurt, the only solution she can think of is taking a revenge on Michael, the person who’s responsible for everything.

As a director, I visualize “Night Drive” as a neo-noir psych-thriller. I was always inspired by noir aesthetic. Many times, when working on my storyboards, I used low-key lighting, strong shadowing and unbalanced composition. I would like this style to characterise my future film work.

One of the character types conventionally identified with noir is femme fatal. I imagine Karen as a seductive and dangerous women, especially in the oneiric part of the film. At the same time, the driver is Karen’s alter-ego. He personalises her instinct, fear and desire for revenge. He is demonic, almost non-human figure from her dream. I will not show his face completely, he will stay in the shadow for most of the film.

Noir is often associated with an urban setting and in this case, “Night Drive” is perfectly adaptable to the London night scenery.

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