British Forces Broadcasting Services

The British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) provides radio and television programmes for HM Forces, and their dependents, in Afghanistan, Belize, Bosnia, Brunei, Canada, Cyprus, the Falkland Islands, Germany, Gibraltar, Kosovo, the Middle East, Northern Ireland and Tristan da Cunha as well as a live satellite service to Royal Navy ships at sea. Editorial control is independent of the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces themselves.

The BFBS was established by the British War Office (now the Ministry of Defence) in 1943. Since the 1980s, BFBS has formed part of the Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC), a registered charity, which is also responsible for the British Defence Film Library, SSVC Cinemas, and Combined Services Entertainment, providing entertainment for HM Forces around the world. Neither BFBS Radio nor BFBS Television carry commercial advertising.

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for British Forces Broadcasting Services

  • Cat King
    Cat King , TV Presenter
    • Forces TV
  • Rachel Esposti
    Rachel Esposti , Various- wife, mother, soldier
    • Damn The Torpedos
  • Claire Finn
    Claire Finn , Annie the archaeologist
    • City Of Caves
  • Rachel Ainsworth
    Rachel Ainsworth , Female at home
    • World Cup ad
  • Anette Martinsen
    Anette Martinsen , Presenter
    • Morning Show and various speech based programmes
    • BFBS Studios, Akrotiri, Cyprus
  • Hugh Terry
    Hugh Terry , Presenter
    • Weekend Breakfast
    • Hong Kong
  • Kevin Jay
    Kevin Jay , presenter DJ, Presenter, Adverts, Promos and interviews Morning Show/afternoon tea show
    • British forces broadcasting service
    • Central America

British Forces Broadcasting Services Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

BFBS,BFBS British Forces Radio, Akrotiri, Cyprus,BFBS Forces Television,British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS),British Forces Television