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Jessica graduated from the distinguished American Film Institute MFA Directing Program, where she began writing the feature length screenplay for PRETTYFACE.
She continues to write scripts and direct films, commercials and music videos. Some of her favorites include the MARK TWAIN EPK for Val Kilmer, FROM THE LOTUS for Prince and most recently PSYCHIC SPICE for Jesika von Rabbit.

Originally from Los Angeles, Jessica's father was a successful performance artist and photographer who mentored and influenced her work.

She entered CalArts School of Fine Arts at the age of 16. There she developed a love for Australian cinema.

With ninety-nine dollars in her pocket and a desire to learn how to make those beautiful, emotionally haunting, low-budget films, she moved to Sydney. Five years later she returned to Los Angeles to bring that vision home.

As a young teen, riding horses bareback through the hills of Southern California, the trails littered with the evidence of an unspoken and unseen world; it was the refuse of old porn mags, torn women’s underwear, obscure graffiti and disemboweled cats that punctuated these travels, planting the first seeds of PRETTYFACE - the fascination and allure of the strange and dangerous world that exists on the edge of everyday society.

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