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Independent Drama

Independent Drama specialises in creating dramatic action for stage, screen, motion capture and live events. Our goal is to provide a friendly comprehensive service for stage combat training, action direction, casting and fight choreography.

Drawn from an international pool of industry professionals our instructors and choreographers have graduated from some of the leading stage combat teacher training and fight direction academies, providing a broad range of expertise and continual innovation.

Our ID Fight Unit is made up of seasoned choreographers, combat teachers, fight performers, background artists, behind the scenes professionals and actors. Working in varying roles our members have been privileged to be involved in many exciting productions.

2010 was an exciting year for Independent Drama, with our members working in theatre, opera, dance, film and motion capture. Highlights include ID Fight Unit member Marysia Kay winning the 'Best Actress Award' from the British Horror Film Festival and SEGA's Empire Total War winning a BAFTA for 'Best Strategy Game' which I worked on as a fight choreographer and motion capture performer.

In 2011 you can see some of our members work in Captain America, Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides, X-Men - First Class and Shogun 2 Total War.

Independent Drama Jobs

For details of known Independent Drama vacancies, please check our jobs board for more information