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Dream Productions is a brand that has taken the wedding cinematography industry by storm. Our colossal success has taken our ingenious team of filmmakers and editors all over the world, and our work is cherished by clients from around the globe. Dream Productions has uniquely revolutionized the wedding cinematography business through our trademark creativity and personal touch we emphasize on each and every masterpiece that we produce.

Our company is far more than a global brand, but a representation of the special relationship that we share with our clients. The essence of Dream Productions symbolizes a marriage – the concept of two energies coming together to form a single union that is so amazing it must be celebrated amongst family and friends.

Each and every one of our clients is about to embark upon the journey of marriage, and it is up to our team to form not a business, but a marriage with our clients in order to showcase their love in a distinctively creative light. The heart and soul of our company embodies the concept of marriage as we get to know the unique story of each couple we work with, and cinematically capture the beauty of their relationship. Upon meeting with our clients we get to know their individual love story, and from there we brainstorm and construct an exclusively designed film package which will graphically tell their story and recount their special day. Each masterpiece we produce is directed in the skilled hands of Dream Productions’ creative director Jag S. Budwal, who will ensure that your wedding film captures more than just your wedding day, but the essence of your marriage.

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