A Esther Moya le robaron una medalla


A project trying to merge architecture, actresses, gymnasts and synchronised swimmers.
And their routines, the routines: daily/ordinary
the result: a stage/audiovisual piece generated from the space
a tribute
to actresses, to gymnasts/swimmers who are actually actresses and whose sports, although sometimes unnoticed, are art.
to Esther Moya

During Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Esther Moya led the Spanish women’s national gymnastics team to 4th position* during the team finals.The best position of Spanish Gymnatics ever in history /women or men/. Once again achieved by women.
Classified for both Floor and Vault final /with the best score on VT of all the gymnasts/, she unfortunately got two fourth places on both events. On Vault, due to a personal error but that wasn’t the case on the Floor. A low score from the judges and a deduction not made** to Simona Amanar (another gymnast) moved her off the podium. The ‘boos’ from the pavilion towards her score were considerable.
The 25th of September 2000, Esther Moya’s medal was stolen from her.

*during the Games the Spanish team was 5th but it was later discovered that the Chinese team had lied about the age of one of their gymnasts and was disqualified

**she got a deduction for stepping out from the floor but not for the extra step out of balance she made on the tumbling pass.

What if the structure of the play and the writing emerge from the architecture?
What if we make the action that occurs within the architecture to be one of the main characters?
Roughly speaking, usually, first you have the play, the text. the set designing comes after that like a consequence. It’s generally, the construction that remains and the action happening within the construction that’s diluted. The context is what delimits a project in architecture so, why don’t we use the architecture that will host the action to delimit that action. This is what happens when a gymnast’s or a swimmer’s exercise is delimited by the specific event/pool where she is performing.
The actions are a direct consequence presented to the user, in this case, the actor.
The space /set designing or not/ becomes the artistic starting point, generating events. The drama is born after construction, deeply connected to it.

Architecture is not only made of buildings or constructions not even the actions that take place within them.

a collection of haikus
Performing thoughts from the space.
Editing CINEMA implies rearranging fragments in order to create a sequence.
Creating ARCHITECTURE implies rearranging spaces in order to create a sequence.
ARCHITECTURE is the sum of spaces and spatial relationships that take place within them.
ACTORS take an active part in the construction of those spatial relationships.
ACTORS are to SCENE what USERS are to the space generated by ARCHITECTURE.

Tracking shots, choreographs, details, whispers.
a coincidence
Gymnasts’s exercises are called routines.
Routines trained, rehearsed again and again. As a daily routine, executed almost every day.
As the act of eating could be.

The subjective opinion of the judge /voyeur/. The identity of the one who's judged.
I can't stop asking myself why this is a sport, and why is it valued by the opinion of judges
-Pepe Ballesteros (on syncrhonized swimming)

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