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Launching in summer 2017, The Sales Skills Academy is a training, recruitment & consultancy business, dedicated to helping companies get the best out of their salespeople and to find winning strategies to reach & surpass their revenue objectives.

As you may already know, the marketplace has evolved on a global scale and your customers will buy in a different way to how they did a decade ago or even just two years ago.

Therefore, the way we sell must also change because traditional sales training just doesn't get the results anymore.

Sales evolution is key, skills that are right for today, strategies that make sense and are easy for your salespeople to implement and even easier for your target market to understand.

We have world-class sales trainers & consultants who can help you to achieve this.

We try not to work on a transactional basis, because we know working with you is really key to success, we won't stop till you reach your goal, we don't want you to stop striving for your goal either.

Do let us know if you are looking to improve or even transform your business sales performance.

Finally, we have put together an industry leading programme for sales candidates who want to enter sales roles but haven't yet been exposed to the type of sales training that will get them ahead in the field of sales.

If you are searching for staff, please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out exactly why our candidates are ahead of the pack.

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