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Yokon Films have several full-length British feature films in various stages of production. Ultimately the aim is to make great movies, along the way Yokon hopes to contribute to the restoration of the Great British Film tradition and establish a highly regarded British presence. Using knowledge of the industry and utilizing the contacts established during its infancy Yokon Films seeks to become a forerunner and strategic player in the world film market.
The main business of Yokon Films is feature film production. The company is also undertaking projects in television and music. Yokon Films was formed in 2002. Since then working in the background of this dynamic young company have been the founder and co-founder of the operation, aided by friends and collaborators in their efforts.
The company has formed relationships with other creative talent and business partners nationally. Through it's efforts to keep up to date with emerging and established talent, Yokon Films has an impressive human resource base of professionals in various fields. Their unique skills can be drawn on at various stages of film production from the first draft to the final cut. Growing and developing a focused market approach by identifying areas with room for new talent has and continues to be a major step. This manoeuvre in turn, cements the development of Yokon's own reputation as a key player in selecting and presenting quality talent and material.

77 Beak Street, London, W1F 9DB

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