98dse Productions

We are a collective of writers, producers, directors and actors assembled from the darkest depths and doldrums of London's theatrical wasteland. We guard you while you watch your over-priced theatre, serve your drinks, and keep your toilets clean. Do not mess with us. However, when we aren't being harassed by customers, we usually spend our time working on whichever project the group has the most zeal for, trying to be as democratic as possible.

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for 98dse Productions

  • Dominic Kiraly
    Dominic Kiraly , 90skids87/Anna_Nonymous/Adam001
    • We Have The Internet
    • Shaftesbury Fringe

98dse Productions Jobs

For details of known 98dse Productions vacancies, please check our jobs board for more information