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Tour De Force has been producing exciting and innovative professional work since 1996 for large scale tours across Europe and the Far East.

Tour de Force's founder and artistic director Peter Joucla conceived a flexible, international company which could present new literary and film adaptations alongside acknowledged theatrical classics. Over the past seven years it has built up an outstanding reputation for its pioneering work in both English and French theatre. Tour De Force is a non-profit organisation. Its income is generated from fees from contracted work and box office.

The company's European touring is managed by Grantly Marshall and American Drama Group Europe who have been producing highly acclaimed touring theatre for many years.

Tour De Force celebrates the diversity of our culture and opposes discrimination. The company seeks to work with people from all sections of the community, regardless of race, colour or sexuality. Tour De Force is committed to advertising its acting vacancies, to ensure that all performers, regardless of experience or influence, have the opportunity of working with us.

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Alternative Company Names

Tour de Force Theatre Company,Tour De Force/Arundel Festival