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Charles Verrall has been in the industry for 48 years. He was the co-director of The Anna Scher Theatre prior to her move to do community theatre in Islington. At the same time he began teaching students at the Claremont Project in Islington. I have attended his classes since 2013. He focuses on improvisation but also encourages his students to write, direct and perform there own plays. He provides further direction support if needed and provides contructive feedback. He does not rely on his website for students but relies on word of mouth and students from Anna Scher's Community Theatre who want more direction in a smaller group. Three plays that I acted in where Arrivals & Departures, Two Worlds and Bracknell Police Station, written and directed by Gary Bryan (2018).

He shares his alumni with Anna Scher MBE from the Anna Scher Theatre days which include:

Kathy Burke
Naomie Harris
Martin Kemp
Patsy Palmer
Pauline Quirke
Linda Robson
Susan Tully - EastEnders, Grange Hill

Permission was given by Charles Verrall to include some of his Alumni.

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