Dog Kennel Hill Project

Dog Kennel Hill Project is the coming together of of Ben Ash, Henrietta Hale and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta. Each an artist with distinct individual experience and skills, they merge under the DKHP umbrella with the aim collaborate, support and challenge each other towards a vision that is greater than the sum of its parts. Their work is characterized by its subtle wit, resistance to definition and ability to surprise and intrigue.

In June 2010 DKHP became associate artists with Dance4, Nottingham. Based in Hertfordshire, they are researching the relationships between dance/performance and the environment it sits within whether that be the theatre, or alternative environments such as galleries and site-specific work. The work arises from a place of collaborative investigation, risk, experimentation, and cross- over with other art forms. They are particularly interested in addressing the absurd politics that underpin the culture that is assumed to be normal.

Since forming in 2004, the collective work has included several commissions for The Place Prize sponsored by Bloomberg, triggering a strong partnership with The Place for research, through Choreodrome, and further productions. A series of residencies exploring ways of engaging an audience entitled People Working Project, drew further partnership support from Dance4 and East region partners, a commission from Whitechapel Gallery, and a BDE research grant for The Working Waterways project.

They have choreographed in a range of contexts including visual art, Daria Martin’s films at Tate Modern, Opera and television commercials.
Their work has shown at venues including The Barbican, Aerowaves Festival Slovenia, Nottdance2011, Springdance Utrecht, and OperaEstate Festival Veneto

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