Unit Effects

UNIT is Soho's first all-Apple, all-HD post house.

We pride ourselves on creative and technical excellence. Our VFX operators are busy making Flame look like last year's news; whilst our tapeless workflows make everything look so smooth, you'll wonder why it hasn't always been done like this.

Our digital architecture means we accept any known format, from film to U-matic, as you'd expect. It also means that we're better equipped than just about anyone else to handle the next generation of tapeless cameras, from ARRI's D-21 and Panavision's Genesis to P2 and the RED camera. SD? HD? 2K? It makes no difference to us: it's all data.

UNIT has 18 Final Cut Pro online suites, a fully-fledged VFX department, two Color grading suites, and Pro Tools 5.1 audio, all found over six floors just by Soho Square.

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