The Company of Players

The COMPANY of PLAYERS was formed in 1962. We have been based at The Little Theatre in Balfour Street, Hertford since 1969, where we now perform six productions a season. Each production runs for eight performances, and although the Theatre seats just 63 people we average around 90% ticket sales. The Company also regularly performs at Hertford Theatre Week, where we have won many awards over the last 35 years, most recently as Winners in 2003.

Our programme for the current season once again presents a challenging range of new and old plays, comedy and drama.

Due to our club status tickets are available only to members and their guests.

Subscription Rates for membership are £10 per year for full membership and £6 for Friends of CoPs. Students can obtain full membership for £6.

Play tickets are £8.50 for members and £9.50 for non-members/guests.

A bi-monthly newsletter is available for members

Membership Secretary: Shirley Howlett

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Alternative Company Names

Company of Players, COPS