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Dangerous is one of the world’s leading independent producers. At its core are the award-winning talents of Richard Dale (Director), Peter Parnham (Editor) and Tim Goodchild (Designer). In 2004, Mike Kemp joined the company, completing a quorum of sharp creative and business minds.

Formed in 2003, it has since produced the television events WHEN WE LEFT THE EARTH, 9/11-THE TWIN TOWERS, DIANA – THE LAST DAYS OF A PRINCESS, D-DAY 6.6.44 and HUMAN BODY - PUSHING THE LIMITS.

The company is moving into a period of growth, with several major commissions in production. DINO BODY is a thrilling series using ground breaking CGI to show dinosaurs as audiences have never seen them before – from the inside!

Super Doctors delves into the human stories behind frontier medicine. SPECIAL FORCES HEROES takes a thrilling and dangerous look at British special forces missions throughout the world.

TRIUMPH AND TRAGEDY is the definitive, 50th anniversary guide to NASA and mankind’s race to understand the universe. It is a journey of heroes, tragedy and breathtaking technology. MOON SHOT is a drama about the Apollo 11 moon landings, whilst THE END OF THE UNIVERSE: HUBBLE'S FINAL CHAPTER takes a detailed and fascinating look at the telescope and those who service it in space.

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Dangerous Films,Dangerous Films / ITV,Dangerous Films Limited,Dangerous Films/Channel 5,Dangerous Pictures,Dangerous Productions ltd