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Edge of London - originally just Scriptwriters - was established by Gary Cox in December 2005, at the Charles Cryer Theatre, Carshalton.

Originally nothing more ambitious than a meeting place for those writing drama and comedy, EoL has certainly proved its worth, and developed, over time.

Many working relationships and friendships have been forged; much work read, acted, assessed, rewritten and in some cases produced for public consumption.

The main function of EoL is to bring together individuals trying to progress in their chosen field - mainly writers and actors. There's much to be said for the achievements made by creative people getting together in a space - something the internet hasn't managed to replicate!

Now in 2009, we're very pleased to be based at the Rose Theatre, Kingston-upon-Thames.

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Edge Of London, edge of london tc, edge of london theatre, edge of london theatre co, edge of london theatre co.