Pentabus Theatre Company

The Pentabus Experiment or Concept as it was originally known was formed in 1973.

The company originally toured new work to five counties in the West Midlands. The work in those early years played in wide variety of venues including village halls, schools, pubs and numerous outdoor locations.

As time went on the company extended their reach to include national and international projects and began eliciting the attention of the national press and collecting awards.

In the recent times Pentabus Theatre has continued to pioneer engaging, surprising and provocative new work. Their output can only be categorised by its variety of approach, scale of ambition and determination to connect directly with people and place. It is always the product of collaboration with writers, artists and companies that inspire them.

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Alternative Company Names

Pentabus, pentabus tc, pentabus theatre, pentabus theatre co, pentabus theatre co., Pentameters