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Campbell Cloud Films is the company name I use to produce my work as a writer/director.

I have written & directed five short films and currently in development with a low budget Thriller called Diamond Girls.

My films are initially about working through an idea, but also allowing a character to develop out of the improvisation process. I undertook a five-week intensive course in the Meisner approach to acting, in the summer of 2008, with the Actors Temple, London. I found training as an actor extremely challenging but ultimately completely exhilarating. It has left me with an even greater respect for the craft than I already had. In my films I look to collaborate as much as possible with the actors and give them as much freedom as the script and my ideas will allow.

I came to film through fine art (painting) and photography and went on to learn as much as I could about how to use the camera to tell a story.

I love the realist cinema of John Cassavetes because you feel you are experiencing something so raw and unique. The lyrical beauty of Krzysztof Kieslowski's work always lets you know that so much more is happening below the surface. Jane Campion is an inspiration as she makes beautifully bold and intelligent films about women.

I also work as a community filmmaker, and often the process of producing work is more important than the product. It is about the participants' involvement in the piece of art work. This has had an impact on my own way of working as a writer/Director. In that I enjoy collaborating with a small team of creative professionals where everyones opinion matters and we all work towards a shared goal.

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