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Welcome to HMX. We’re an independent creative agency specialized in creating advanced digital productions for web, mobile, broadcast and events. From our offices in the UK, US, and India we support some of the world’s most influential brands to launch new products and services.

We started out in early 2005 providing digital solutions directly to brands with a unique internal agency structure and delivery model. We create, produce, design, build and deliver everything that we conceive of for our clients. Our goal was to create an agency from the ground up with distinctive competitive advantages that could develop award-winning creative and deliver advanced technical solutions to our clients in the most efficient manner possible. In order to achieve this, we have invested in specific technology and skills development programs, as well as valued professional partnerships all around the world.

We came together from different strands of the media and entertainment industries that are linked to the computer animation and visual effects communities in various ways. Prior to HMX the first few of us were working in digital, TV & film production, visual effects, editorial, video games, and management consulting. Our link was a shared passion for storytelling and technology, and our technical roots in complimentary creative sectors have translated into a unique level of credibility and expertise across multiple media platforms within HMX today.

HMX provides expert level consultancy and execution for:

video production (broadcast and online)
web design, development and rich media integration
video postproduction
visual effects planning and execution
custom technical development services for mobile devices, product configuration, and multi-channel exploitation of 3D assets.
We help clients captivate media and consumers, and we also help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. Most importantly, we help build brands through connecting audiences to new products and services without compromising the fundamental “reasons to believe” and core benefits that justify purchase.

All of the above is aided by the most advanced industry standard technologies, as well as several unique technology platforms that we’ve invented and invested in developing ourselves.

We are, however, similar to other agencies in that we’re built upon the passion, unique talents and dedication of our team. We want to produce work that we’re proud of, and we are fully invested in doing so through all phases of a project. This pervasive objective defines our company culture, and is the single biggest influence on our client relationships.

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