Donkeywork was formed to tell remarkable stories in unexpected places. We are not ‘site-specific’ by definition but instead are open to all possibilities of presenting a performance in non-theatre space, to absorb our audience into the physical and sensory environment AND have a gripping, linear narrative.

Following their sell-out runs of The Case and The Yellow Wallpaper, Donkeywork are collaborating with The Canterbury Festival to present another new play, The Dark Entry. Based on a tale from the Rev R H Barhams writings The Ingoldsby Legends, The Dark Entry will be presented as a promenade performance in the precincts of Kings School, Canterbury. A ghost story set during the upheavals of the Reformation, it follows an opportunistic cleric and his cook who meet their grisly ends in a tale of misdeeds, murders and malevolence. It is being written for Donkeywork by The Case collaborator Alan Atkins.

Donkeywork are Rob Crouch and Alan Sharpington. Each project is a new collaboration.

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