Noh Budget Films

Noh Budget Films was set up in June 1993 with the aim of producing productions (Film & Theatre) with community audiences. To do this, Noh Budget Films has developed various projects and programmes involving research, basic training, life skills and hands-on experience. Noh Budget Films is a collective of professional individuals that include professional actors, workshop leaders and filmmakers, who put themselves at the service of community groups to create films and theatre productions that express their voices, whilst imparting skills and generating wider community involvement. The organisation presents performances and conducts drama-based workshops in community venues, schools, youth centres, young offenders institutions and other relevant venues throughout the UK. Theatre and film are used as educational tools for education to address issues that are important to participants.

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Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for Noh Budget Films

  • Marta Carvalho
    Marta Carvalho , Ana Raissa Santiago de Souza
    • 492 Korna Klub (Forum Theatre Radio Soap Opera)
    • Galaxy Radio
  • Carol Morgan
    Carol Morgan , Dinner Lady and Council worker
  • Davina Cole
    Davina Cole , Aminata
    • 492 Korna Klub
    • Galaxy FM Radio
  • Sydney K Smith
    Sydney K Smith , Matthew Lane
    • 492 Korna Klub
    • Galaxy Radio
  • Schiekelle Collu
    Schiekelle Collu , Tanika - 19 year old on-off girlfriend of local drug dealer
    • 492 Korna Klub
    • Galaxy Radio station 102.5fm live improvisation every Friday at 5pm
  • Stephanie Marie DeWards
    Stephanie Marie DeWards , Police Constable Jane Armitage
    • 492KornaKlub
    • Galaxy Radio Station
  • Alexis Coward
    Alexis Coward , Female Character
    • 492 Korna Klub
  • Rose Turner
    Rose Turner , Sharon Peters
    • 492 Korna Klub
    • Galaxy FM
  • Schiekelle Collu
    Schiekelle Collu , Live improvisation forum style theatre, representing my character 'Tanika' from the radio drama play.
    • 492 Korna Klub
    • Edmonton Festival
  • Eric Colvin
    Eric Colvin , Father Clifford Simmonds (principal)
    • 492 Korna Klub
    • Galaxy FM 102.5
  • Elaine Smithers
    Elaine Smithers , Eleesha Johnson
    • 492 Korna Klub
  • Elaine Smithers
    Elaine Smithers , Martha Williams
    • 492 Korna Klub
  • Dominic Debias
    Dominic Debias , Director / Writer
    • The Shades
    • Kensel House Community Rooms

Noh Budget Films Jobs

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