Dead Ready Productions

We provide full-service video production, meaning we’re well equipped to take you right from the initial brief, scripting and storyboarding, through filming and post-production, all the way to providing your final video in a multitude of different formats and helping get it out there for people to watch. When you work with us, you know that you’ll be guided through the entire process and won’t be left stranded with a partially completed video.

We work on all kinds of corporate and broadcast video, with a particularly strong background in interview-based promotional videos. Our clients include PR agencies, HR consultancies, online publications and government organisations, giving us an understanding of how to work in many different industry sectors.

A common question we’re asked is: why are we called Dead Ready?

The name alludes to our flexible working approach – we know that every job is different and comes with it’s own challenges, whether they’re to do with timing, budget or practical issues, and successfully dealing with these challenges requires a positive and forward-thinking mindset. Whatever the brief is, we’re ready.

We run a 24/7 operation and refuse to be intimidated by tight deadlines, with the capability to provide videos at extremely short notice – even same day in some cases. Often the impact of a video is directly related to how long it takes to be completed and distributed, so we understand the importance of keeping things on schedule and have a great track record of doing just that.

We always look for ways to give you as much as possible for your budget, whilst never compromising the quality of our work. And we’re extremely mobile, whether that means travelling internationally to acquire the footage you need, or editing with you at your offices using one of our mobile edit suites.

Our intention is to form close relationships with our clients and to be their first point of contact for their video production needs. As well as being talented and creative, we like to think of ourselves as fun to work with – video production can be an enjoyable and rewarding process and we believe this is reflected in our approach!

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  • Emma Burn
    Emma Burn , Narrator
    • The 2014 Teaching Standards

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