Chunky Onion Productions

Using theatre in education is a great way to foster creativity, encourage teamwork and inspire the use of English. Chunky Onion Productions works with schools throughout Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China by providing educational theatre services to enhance the teaching curriculum. Our cast of professional actors & workshop leaders can: stage a live performance at your school, conduct drama workshops for students & teachers, produce a school drama starring your students and use drama techniques to improve interview skills.

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Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for Chunky Onion Productions

  • Michelle Campbell-Jones
    Michelle Campbell-Jones , Resident Actress
    • Romeo and Juliet, Robbin Hood, Mulan, Cinderella, Sherlock Holmes
  • David Oxley
    David Oxley , Aladdin, Kareem, Abdul, Genie; Lady Capaulet, Sir Montague; Scrooge, Mr Jones/Ghost of Xmas Past; Ho Fat, Ah Mei/Shao Wah; Step Mother, Step Sister; Nursey, Sheriff of Nottingham
    • Aladdin; Romeo & Juliet; Christmas Carol; Mulan; Cinderella; Robin Hood

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Chunky Onion