Horse and Bamboo Theatre

Horse + Bamboo Theatre was founded in 1978. The Company is based in Rossendale, Lancashire, UK and tours nationally and internationally.

Makers of visual theatre in which music and story-telling are central; the company uses masks, movement, puppetry, film, lighting in their productions.

H+B provides mentoring and other support and facilities for emerging artists and groups.

H+B also runs the Boo - a unique arts centre at the company's base in Waterfoot which puts on a regular programme of arts events for the community of Rossendale and East Lancashire.

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for Horse and Bamboo Theatre

  • Thomas Byrne
    Thomas Byrne , Puppeteer
    • Burger
    • Horse and Bamboo Puppet Festival, Just So Festival, Festival Oldham
  • Lara Bradban
    Lara Bradban , Puppeteer
    • Horse and Bamboo Theatre Puppetry Masterclass
    • The Boo Theatre
  • Tracy Bargate
    Tracy Bargate , Maryam / Sophie
    • Veil
    • UK Tour
  • Brian Porter
    Brian Porter , Dancer Actor Puppeteer
    • Dance of White Darkness
    • UK Tour and European
  • Neville Cann
    Neville Cann , Skeleton
    • A Strange and Unexpected Event
    • International tour

Horse and Bamboo Theatre Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

Horse and Bamboo,Horse and Bamboo Theatre Compny