First Physical Theatre Company

The First Physical Theatre Company's vision is to be a unique and enduring theatre company of excellence. Our mission is to:

• Provide a platform for collaboration between young, aspiring and experienced artists;

• Develop original and novel approaches to the creating and performing of theatre;

• Contribute towards dance development and arts education in South Africa.

We value:

Richard Antrobus
Richard Antrobus

• Artistic challenge for all company

members and respect for all artists;

• Collaboration, education, training and research;

• Improvement and refinement of policies, systems and procedures;

• Responsible utilisation of financial resources towards improved standards;

• Open consultation with specialist advisors.

Our objectives are to:

• Maintain a leading role in the development and presentation of innovative South African theatre works;

• Invest in the development of future theatre audiences focussing on youth, women and the previously disadvantaged;

• Take a lead in the development and distribution and technology in South African theatre performance and education;

• Develop a pro-active approach to self-sustainability by broadening the revenue base of the company;

• Maintain and grow an effective support service for the development and delivery of products, services and programmes.

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Alternative Company Names

first physical tc, first physical theatre, first physical theatre co, first physical theatre co.