Tax Deductible Theatre Company

In the beginning there was the idea. And it truly was shite...

However, after many long months of unemployment and indifference there flourished from this apathy, like a fungal spore upon a dung heap, a theatre company. We named it Florence as that was our favourite nurse at the time... alas Florence Theatre Company had already shotgunned that one, thusly Tax Deductible Theatre Company came into being, and it has been coming ever since. we aim to take the banality of the everyday and insert robust and swarthy quantities of pleasure into every available orifice.

Tackling themes such as the Gods, Apocalypse, Stem Cell Research, the afterlife, the environment, nationalism and death - all with a healthy dose of knob gags.

Alternative theatre and alternative issues. We do what others don't, we say what others can't and we drink what nobody should. Tax Deductible Theatre means: big issues with big laughs.

Original comedy has never been quite so... original.

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