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The Great Escape Theatre Company was founded in 1989 to provide a platform for the production of new, small scale, home-grown musicals tackling contemporary issues.

The company has enjoyed critical success in the past with "JOAN OF KENT", which looked at a Kentish housewife's crusade to stop the building of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link; and most recently with "THE END OF THE WORLD SHOW", which took as its theme the encroachment of global culture and its threat to local traditions.

In seeking to make musical theatre relevant to audiences, Henry Lewis uses a variety of musical styles to underscore highly accessible plots which point up the moral dilemmas of our times.

His 1996 show, "SEX FOR THE MASSES", was a satirical musical about the hypocrisy of the tabloid press and its effect on the individual, the 'little person' caught in the tangled web of sleaze, fighting back against all the odds. It was an adult pantomime in which the sexual confusion of that theatrical genre provides a backdrop to the moral quagmire of tabloid journalism and its thirst for today's story.

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