Impact Opera

Offers original and innovative ways of presenting opera, operetta and musical theatre.

The repertoire is re-worked and re-invented to make it approachable and appealing to modern audiences
whilst remaining true to the intentions of the original.

Focusing on the quality of the performers and the inventiveness of the new realisations, the shows aim for clarity, directness and real audience engagement. Presenting a small ensemble of highly talented singer/ actors and using special musical arrangements for a chamber-sized orchestra, they offer the great works
of the lyric stage in productions that are both unique and affordable.

James Meek -
Producer, Director, General Manager

James nimbly moved between the worlds of opera and music theatre in a career encompassing Benjamin Britten in Cairo to Monteverdi in Thurso, Electric Voice Theatre in Amsterdam to Oklahoma! in the West End. His varied professional life in theatre, concert, education and recording is now augmented by recent expansion into event management and corporate hosting. His dream of running a dynamic performing company and producing and directing exciting musical theatre performances is now being realised through the creation of Impact Opera.

Peter Knapp -
Artistic Director, Director, Translator, Arranger

Whilst following a highly successful international opera career, Peter Knapp began adapting and directing operas with the aim of breathing new life into the genre, which he did for many years through his very popular touring company “Travelling Opera” in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Since then he has been concentrating on training singers in true bel canto but incorporating yogic breathing and exercise techniques for complete body awareness. This holistic approach to singing allows him to develop a very physical singer for his productions, which Impact Opera is reviving with the emphasis on dance, movement and an all-round performer.

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