Risky Things Theatre Company

* Aims: Performances and workshops are entertaining, can explore relevant issues, build confidence, develop professional skills, discover new points of view, disseminate information and encourage dialogue and debate.

* Activities: Risky Things performs, runs workshops, facilitates and supports group meetings; workshops with a group may follow on from a performance, or suit their needs better than a show. We can train groups in drama/communication skills so they can perform and facilitate their own events.

* Bespoke Drama: Each event/project is devised with the organisers to achieve their specific aims, and is tailored to relate to each group of participants/audience, dealing with topics and using methods and styles which suit that group. Interactive performances may be scripted or improvised as appropriate, workshops may be drama based or use more talking and debate.

* Collaboration: The company works collaboratively in three different ways: devising projects alongside local people from the target audience, presenting interactive drama where audience members take over roles to change outcomes, and facilitating events where individual community members perform for their peers.

* Professional: Risky Things is a group of trained, experienced actors, with a director and workshop leaders/facilitators.

These theatre projects can develop into DVD/Videos for long term use for the commissioning organization.

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