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Blackwatch Entertainment

Murder Mystery company working on land and sea. Working with blue chip corporate clients to host a range of murder mystery events, theatre experiences and performances

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for Blackwatch Entertainment

  • 2019 Tom Lorimer
    Tom Lorimer, Seymour
    • The Spaghetti Murders
    • Radisson Peterborough
  • 2018 Brad Shaw
    Brad Shaw, Various - Performer, Writer, Producer
    • Various murder mysteries & Immersive productions
    • Various venues in UK and abroad
  • Toni Brooks
    Toni Brooks, Candy Cane
    • The Margarita Murders
  • Imogen Archer
    Imogen Archer, Polly
  • Helen Fullerton
    Helen Fullerton, Peace Morgan
    • Oi Magazine
  • Kim Baker
    Kim Baker, Peace Morgan/Candy Cane
    • Murder Mystery
  • Debbie Bridge
    Debbie Bridge, Baroness Ionna Fleet
    • Murder Mystery
    • Hollingbury Golf Club
  • Guy Torrance
    Guy Torrance, Lord Oswald & Commander Clarence Thornley Cruttock
    • Murder in The Manor, A Modern Murder Mystery
    • Ramsey Mereside Village Hall
  • Helen Stirling
    Helen Stirling, Lady Cecilia Thornley-Cruttock
    • Murder at the Manor
    • On location Hill Place, Droxford
  • Toni Brooks
    Toni Brooks, Lady Cecelia Thornley Cruttock
    • Murder at the Manor
    • Private venue
  • Jay Robertson
    Jay Robertson, Commander Clarence
    • Manor House Murders
    • Knowle Manor, Minehead
  • Christian Lewis
    Christian Lewis, James Bond
    • Live and Let Dine
    • Private
  • Hazel DuBourdieu
    Hazel DuBourdieu, Baroness Iona Fleet/Lady Thornley Cruttock
    • Death on the Maiden Voyage/Murder at the Manor
    • London, Southampton, Uxbridge, Dalkeith
  • suzanne hyde
    suzanne hyde, Baroness Fleet
    • Death and the Maiden Voyage
    • Hitchin
  • Sascha Cooper
    Sascha Cooper, Candy Cane/Baroness Iona Fleet
    • Death and the Maiden Voyage
    • The Angel Inn, Midhurst
  • Toni Brooks
    Toni Brooks, Candy Cane/Baroness Iona Fleet
    • Death and the Maiden Voyage
    • Private Premises
  • Neil Jacks
    Neil Jacks, Captain Bob Upendown
    • Death & The Maiden Voyage [Murder Mystery]
  • Christian Lewis
    Christian Lewis, Captain Bob Upendown
    • Death & The Maiden Voyage
    • Private
  • Victoria Garofalides
    Victoria Garofalides, Peace Morgan
    • Celebrity murder mystery
    • Hush
  • Victoria Garofalides
    Victoria Garofalides, Diane Otherday
    • Bond murder mystery

Blackwatch Entertainment Jobs

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