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NSPIRED MOVIES UK is pioneering a new kind of film-making, combining the creativity and discipline of UK independent film-making with the talent for improvisation of Indian film-makers.

The independent movie production house launched its UK operation in 2004. It has since then produced a slate of full-length English-language feature films including Red Mercury, Exitz and Take 3 Girls,with the involvement of some of the international film industry's top creative, directing and acting talent, including Malcolm McDowell, Stockard Channing, Ron Silver, Juliet Stevenson, Pete Postlethwaite, Roy Battersby, Farrukh Dhondy, Peter Ansorge and Michael Wearing.

Injecting a new vibrancy and vitality into the industry is Inspired Movies' mission and its new model for film-making draws on the principle of the power of the creative moment and a focus on contemporary culture, drawing inspiration from the early days of FilmFour and TV's Play for Today.

The approach draws on a talent base of writers, directors and technical crew who combine discipline with improvisation. Inspired Movies founder Meenu Bachan explains:

"British independent film-makers are unique in their creativity and disciplined management. So our commissioning team is English, known for having commissioned great films like Four Weddings And A Funeral, The Crying Game and My Beautiful Laundrette. We also use British production managers and Directors - to leverage their disciplined approach to film-making, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

"By contrast, Indian film-makers are the masters of improvisation and making magnificent cinematic masterpieces with fantastic production values. So our technical Heads of Departments are from India.

"In Inspired Movies' film-making process, British discipline & perfection combine with the Indian mastery of improvisation to achieve great production values. The fusion works powerfully in ensuring the Inspired slate of films has strong theatrical appeal."

Inspired's commissioning policy encourages new voices, new and established talent, originality, edgy creativity, contemporary universal issues and broad international appeal.

The approach taps into a talent base of writers, directors and technical crew in the UK and the sub-continent. Inspired Movies has already achieved acclaim, notoriety and financial return in the Bollywood industry via its sister company in Bombay. Utilising its successful operation in India has given the company global access to a creative fusion of skill, knowledge and technical support, according to the three film-makers leading Inspired Movies: Meenu Bachan, Vibha Bhatnagar and Dr. Phil Blackburn.

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