Orange Mobile

Orange was a mobile phone brand based in the UK and other european countries. Famous in the UK for the promotion of Orange Wednesday deals in Cinemas (2 for 1 for Orange Mobile customers).

In the UK, Orange Mobile operations are now part of the EE network.

EE has a heritage of innovation, and was born from two major mobile brands, Orange and T-Mobile, which joined forces in 2010. One branch of our family tree dates back to 1993, when Mercury Communications launched the Mercury One2One GSM mobile network (which by 2002 had evolved into T-Mobile UK). The other branch can be traced back earlier still, to the 1990 formation of Microtel Communications (which became Orange four years later).

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Alternative Company Names

Capita/ee, EE, EE Network, EE Orange, EE Telecoms, Everything Everywhere, Orange EE