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AFTA Thought Training Consultants

We’re AFTA Thought, and we’ve been creating drama-based training for nearly 25 years now. We specialise in staff training and unique conference sessions, working closely with our clients to create unforgettable scripts and training scenarios that are realistic, recognisable and measurable. We’re hugely experienced in dealing with difficult subjects, sensitively and sensibly, to enable positive change in the workplace.

We’re proud of our track record… We train over 25,000 people every year; we’ve never let a client down, delivering as requested on time, on the date, on the mark – 100% reliable.

Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for AFTA Thought Training Consultants

  • 2018 natasha odita
    natasha odita, Various roles
    • Drama based training
    • Nationwide
  • 2017 Jay Podmore
    Jay Podmore, Jay
    • Football League - My Future Today
  • 2016 James Ledsham
    James Ledsham, James- Football Apprentice
    • League Football Education (Tour)
    • UK Wide Tour
  • Chloe Ogburn
    Chloe Ogburn, Chloe
    • Fostering in Families
    • Woodlands Conference Centre
  • 2015 Eva McKenna
    Eva McKenna, Student Nurse
    • Training DVD For Student Mentors
  • Neal Gavyn
    Neal Gavyn, Partner
    • Thames Valley Police (Training Film)
  • James Ledsham
    James Ledsham, Resident in Care
    • Living with Disabilities (Training Film)
  • Neal Gavyn
    Neal Gavyn, Jay, Football apprentice
    • League Football Education (Tour)
  • Eva McKenna
    Eva McKenna, Emma
    • I'm not okay.
    • Pocklington School
  • Eva McKenna
    Eva McKenna, Social Worker
    • Cheshire East Training Video
  • 2013 Jackie Jones
    Jackie Jones, Office Worker
    • Diversity & Equality Training
  • 2012 Helen Foster
    Helen Foster, Various
    • Afta Thought Training Consultants
  • 2011 Gabriel Paul
    Gabriel Paul, Various
    • Diversity Roleplay
  • 2009 John Afzal
    John Afzal, John
    • Lancashire NHS
  • 2008 John Afzal
    John Afzal, Asif
    • Prison Workers' Conference
  • 2005 Aj Davies
    Aj Davies, Perpetrator
    • Leicestershire Police Force HQ
  • Aj Davies
    Aj Davies, Racist Manager
  • 2003 Charlie Griffiths
    Charlie Griffiths, Rape Victim
    • Public and Commercial Training
  • Denise Kennedy
    Denise Kennedy, Mother
    • Child Protection Training/Merseyside Police

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