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TRILBY PRODUCTIONS, the cabaret and new music theatre company, was created in June 2000 by Katherine Ives and Tim McArthur to promote cabaret, new talent and musical theatre in London.

The company has been working with Lauderdale House since its creation to run regular cabaret seasons in the House.

Their most recent proejcts have included a 4 week run at the Gilded Balloon as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Sister Mary McArthur: Celebrity Nun and SingaLonga Showtune with Sister Mary McArthurand DEAD by12!, a late night cabaret chat show in Central London

Their latest project is the New Musicals Maternity Ward running the first Sunday of the Month October to December at the Theatre Museum, Covent Garden - a chane to spot new msuicals at different stages of their development.

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