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Since 2005 work under the artistic direction of Nic Green has spanned solo and group theatre performance, community and public art projects, pedagogical and holistic learning experiences and interactive web-based endeavors. Nic's work holds a strong sense of political, environmental and social responsibility, whilst striving towards a marriage between the radical nature of her worldview the accessibility of her work. Recent successes in this field include her award-winning feminist performance series Trilogy, which has shown at various major national and international festivals and has recieved an estimated 1000 female participants. At the centre of much of Nic's work is the art of establishing and facilitating spaces for herself and others to engage in action which can potentially shift perspective, in-turn resulting in the making of changes in day-to-day attitudes and behavior. Her artistic practice serves as a joyous, political agency, with research its heart.

Currently Nic is interested in the development of creative work which isn't just environmental in its subject, but is deeply ecological in all aspects: its consciousness, its values and in its very nature. To compliment this worldview, last year she completed an MSc in Human Ecology, for which she conducted an original study on the development and understanding of ecological performance practices, and how they might contribute to a wider ecological consciousness. You can see some of Nic's writing on this here.

In the past her work has been commissioned by the GreenRoom (Manchester), The Arches (Glasgow), The National Review Of Live Art (NRLA) BAC (London), Made in Scotland and CREATE (Dublin). She is an active member of the Centre for Human Ecology (, the Ecopsychology UK Network (, and continues to study and teach Yoga and Vedanta (non-dualistic philosophy). She also works with degree-level performance students as a lecturer and mentor at both the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and Glasgow University.

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