The College of Law

Internal multimedia unit creating media for use within courses and also in the promotion of courses on the college website.

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Members of Mandy Actors UK who have worked for The College of Law

  • Phil Gerrard
    Phil Gerrard , Banker
    • Williams & Glyn’s Bank Ltd v Boland
  • Daniel Jude Gennis
    Daniel Jude Gennis , Film Producer
    • Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 - Scenario 4
    • The College of Law, Bloomsbury, London
  • Julie Hoult
    Julie Hoult , Managing Director
    • LTNV
  • Michael Grinter
    Michael Grinter , Derek Tribe
    • LL.B Equity/Trusts
  • Jan Hirst
    Jan Hirst , Female
    • Entering The Transaction
  • Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster , Businessman
    • Different Types Of Intention
  • Fay Greenhalgh
    Fay Greenhalgh , Bernie Smith
    • Oral skills exam
  • Peter Noakes
    Peter Noakes , Business Man
    • Course media
    • 15-17 Ridgmount Street
  • Tim Barton
    Tim Barton , Judge and Chief Constable Ridge
    • 'Procedural Grounds for Judicial Review' training material
  • Fay Greenhalgh
    Fay Greenhalgh , Jamie Sumner
    • Role play
  • Sam Halpenny
    Sam Halpenny , Mr Silverwood
    • Regina v Levitt Cross Examination for Bar Professional Training Course
    • The College of Law
  • Holly Berry
    Holly Berry , Numerous Roles
    • Multiple Roleplay Projects, BVC and Legal Practice
    • The College of Law
  • Dale Savage
    Dale Savage , Prosecution Witness
    • Bar Vocational Course
    • Store St, Bloomsbury.
  • Sharon Wymark
    Sharon Wymark , Business owner, plus various
    • Role play with law students
    • The College of Law
  • Jane Allighan
    Jane Allighan , Court Witness
    • Barrister Training
    • The College Of Law, London
  • Dale Savage
    Dale Savage , Defence Witness
    • Bar Vocational Course
    • Store St, Bloomsbury

The College of Law Jobs

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