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About Comedy Central

Comedy Central is the UK’s biggest comedy network – comprising 4 channels and a website and stuff.

Here are ten things you may or may not know about us:

The Channel launched in the UK on Monday 6th April 2009. A bit boring for fact number one, but true never the less.

We show – exclusively - The US Office . Even the creators of the original UK version think the US one might be better.

We show – also exclusively – 30 Rock. If you have never watched it, you’re an idiot. It’s amazing.

We show brand new episodes of South Park the same week as they go out in America. No one else does this.

We invented the concept of humour.

We have genius stand-up every day. Lee Evans, Jimmy Carr, Michael McIntyre, blah blah blah. They’re all here baby.

Dom Joly, Simon Pegg and Sacha Baron Cohen started their careers on the channel. Now, with their Channel 4 contracts and their groupies and their personal trainers and their houses in Hampstead, they don’t even talk to us at award ceremonies.

We’ve got a second channel called Comedy Central Extra. It’s kind of the same, only more so. Or something. Check it out.

We are going to be making more and more of our own shows in the future. In fact we’ve already started with one called Dirty Sexy Funny. It’s at least two of those things, sometimes three.

For the ladies, we show some old episodes of Sex and the City.

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